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My iOS app is now live. What does it do? Gives you a bike map without the need for a data connection! All of the map tiles are stored locally. I've already started on v0.2 so expect an update soon if you buy it, including geolocation, and train stations overlay.
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Will you have an HTML (mobile web) version available?
I'm not planning on that. There are two reasons: 1) the server resources I would need to server tens of thousands of small map tiles to people is beyond my capabilities (and more than I can spend); 2) I designed the map to be usable without a data connection. I buy 30 MB a month from T-Mobile and leave my data connection off unless I need to check for an important email, or to Tweet.

If one has a data connection, they can use Google Maps with bicycling (actually, I don't think Google Maps for iPhone has this layer), or an existing app that uses OpenStreetMap data.
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