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FDA To Testosterone Makers: Stop Wooing Average Aging Guys #FDAlawyer - The FDA came to this recommendation after reviewing several studies that reported an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, or death in men taking testosterone treatments, according to a statement from the agency. Although the studies were sometimes contradictory, regulators were concerned that “testosterone is being used extensively in attempts to relieve symptoms in men who have low testosterone for no apparent reason other than aging,” the statement said. “The benefits and safety of this use have not been established.”
The FDA has ordered testosterone makers to revise their labels to clarify proper use of the hormone and its potential risks—a change that's already affecting sales.
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Steven Sweat

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Not surprising that 60% of traffic fatalities in state were in NYC +Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom & Rubinowitz 
More than 60% of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents in downstate New York during a three-year period were in or near the city.
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TweetIf you are injured on the job or contract an illness caused by your employment, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Rhode Island (RI) to help you get healthy again and cover the cost of missing time at work. These benefits usually include lost wages and the various medical expenses associated with the …
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Two of the 10 biggest auto recalls in history took place last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration summary of 2014 recall activity. last year. marked a record year in 2014,
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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking a closer look at mandatory arbitration clauses, which large financial firms often stick in the fine print for credit cards, payday loans and other consumer products.
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Here's a great, simple flowchart to know how to handle a police encounter.

NEVER, EVER, EVER talk to the police and give up more info than is necessary at the minimum required by law. It can only hurt you.

h/t Festival Lawyer (not on G+ to tag, unfortunately)
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GEMINI Team Elite Engager Circle 

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What is aural microsuction?

Aural microsuction is a method of safely and painlessly removing wax from the ear.
In contrast, oto-irrigation (what used to be known as ear syringing) has been unavailable for a long time through district nurses, as the traditional ear syringe is no longer considered best practice, and the oto-irrigation equipment is quite cumbersome. Also, there is a chance that a preexisting perforated eardrum could be undiagnosed and the irrigation process may push wax, dead skin and bacteria through the eardrum into the middle ear, with the resultant potential for infection. This is why many GP surgeries have stopped ear syringing and oto-irrigation and now refer all patients to their local ENT department for aural microsuction.
This service is free under the NHS, but the usual two week wait for syringing by the GP Practice Nurse has now extended to up to six weeks or more, as ENT clinics struggle to cope with the demand. At London Hearing Aids, we can offer aural microsuction wax removal in London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. For more information head over to
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Spinal Injuries From Car Accident:  Diagnosis and Treatment

Disc Injuries frequently occur after an automobile collision or after a traumatic event like a slip and fall. These injuries create a varying degree of symptoms in each person. Symptoms such as pain, is a subjective complaint, meaning each person can be affected differently. On scale from 1 to 10, one person could have a level 4 and the other a level 9, even when facing the same pathological injury. Sadly, injuries to the disc and other soft tissues in the musculoskeletal system are often a permanent type injury. While treatment is available which may mitigate symptoms, oftentimes the injured party is never as they were prior to the acute injury.
(click on this article to learn more)

#spineinjury   #caraccidentlawyer   #caraccidentattorney   #personalinjury  
Many words are used to describe the extent of a disc herniation seen on MRI examination. A disc herniation, however, occurs when the soft cushion that’s between spinal bone, ruptures. A portion of that disc can herniate, or push outwards,...
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Steven Sweat

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Why Should I Hire a Trial Attorney For My Personal Injury Case?
Consumers often believe that a trial attorney’s day consists solely of sitting in court arguing cases. Not so. In fact, the term “trial attorney” is one of the most misunderstood concepts for non-attorneys to comprehend. In this day and age, public perception of an attorney is generally based on who is willing to spend more money on advertisements such as billboards, commercials and internet searches.

[Read More]

#personalinjury   #personalinjuryattorney   #personalinjurylawyer  
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Steven Sweat

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"Motherboard" calculates that a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the  Southern District of California could be seeking as much as 10 billion dollars if the class is certified.  

The complaint alleges that Lenovo and Superfish violated the Federal Wiretapping Act when it received communications (the images on the incoming advertisements) and transmitted them to Superfish's servers to determine which Superfish ad to replace it with.
Superfish users may have understood that Superfish was reading the incoming ads.  No consumer should have to suspect that Superfish read the information that they obtained via HTTPS too.

Ping +Sven G +Jeremiah Junken +Alister Macintyre +Ann Lane 

H/T to +Edward Morbius for sharing

#Wiretapping   #Superfish  
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+Steven Sweat thanks for sharing!!
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