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Steven Spivack, DDS

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it. - Danny Kaye

To clean your tongue and freshen your breath, use a tongue cleaner or a soft-bristled toothbrush, stroking in a back-to-front direction. Tongue cleaning is particularly important for people who smoke.

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You can count on us to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your visit with us. Visit our website for more information:

Turn your wounds into wisdom. - Oprah Winfrey

Did you know it’s not just the sugar in soda that causes tooth decay? All carbonated drinks are high in acid, and that destroys tooth enamel. Drink water – preferably fluoridated – instead.

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At Steven Spivack, DDS, our entire team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and relaxed. We want you to have a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

A typical human mouth contains billions of bacteria. If you haven’t brushed your teeth lately, you might well have more bacteria in your mouth right now than there are people living on planet Earth!

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When you visit us, your dental health is our utmost concern and we are able to serve all of your restorative and esthetic dental needs.

Make a wise choice every day.- Unknown

Did you know the American Dental Association recommends using 18 inches of floss, wound around one of your middle fingers, with the rest wound around the middle finger of your other hand, to best floss your teeth?
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