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Is there anyone out there working on adding comments to Ghost? Or is that simply "outside of scope"? I know there are third-party systems (Disqus etc) out there but keeping content local is critical to me. It's something I'd be willing to work on, but I don't want to duplicate someone else's efforts (really, I don't even want to take it on by myself either).

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Wow. Worst preview ever, Google Plus.

Anyway, this is: Why I'm not listening about vaccines.

Maybe I need to spend more time exploring it, but so far in every direction I've tried to explore I've found exactly zero useful features in the Photos beta. It seems to actively discourage any sort of organization or categorization. On what planet is this a replacement for Aperture?

A couple of things I'm struggling with as I'm setting up my instance. Thinking it would be cool to have a lexicon of some sort to that I can start speaking the language and asking the non-stupid questions instead of the questions I have. Anyhow:

What is a firehose? Is that just a name for a public stream?

And: how do I make a publicly accessible site stream (for public posts only, of course) or a directory of users on the site (again, some sort of privacy control is important).

The bigger discussion is: how do we create greater "discoverability"?

I don't want to have a social networking node that has no way to provide at least a sampling of the content on the site. I'm sure I'm not the first to try to wrap my head around this, so pointers to earlier discussions would be appreciated.

OK, this is literally giving me a headache. How can I get a person's posts to no longer show up in my stream if that person is in a community I follow? Is my only option really to leave the community to get away from the posts of one idiot? What the frack happened to "ignore"?

Is creating an nginx proxy to node.js trouble I don't want to get into for creating a site?

I'd very much like to create a site, but I'm concerned about trying to have another webserver on the same machine as a node.js site, and I don't have spare servers just sitting around without stuff already running on them.

I guess can get a cheap separate linode to run it if dealing with making node and nginx cohabitate is a problem.

I appreciate any feedback, and would like to call this question to +Evan Prodromou's attention as well.

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I think I discovered the cause of my dead reed…

How do I send a txt using hangouts if that person has not texted me first? Seems like I can either start a hangout with some minute subset of people in my circles, reply to a txt, or make a phone call.

What I've been doing is opening up gvoice and sending a text to someone to initiate the conversation, then opening hangouts to wait for a response. This is quite unwieldy compared to the process for gvoice.

I must be missing something obvious. Seems like a dumb question but I haven't been able to figure it out so I guess it's a dumb questionER.
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