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Who needs flash?! I found a command line version of Pandora called "Pianobar" you can follow this guide: If you are a Mac User. It steps you through installing HomeBrew which installs the tools that allow you to compile programs on the mac. Only uses around 1% CPU usage. Here are the commands you'd use in the terminal:

+ love song
- ban song
a add music to station
c create new station
d delete station
e explain why this song is played
g add genre station
h song history
i print information about song/station
j add shared station
m move song to different station
n next song
p pause/continue
q quit
r rename station
s change station
t tired (ban song for 1 month)
u upcoming songs
x select quickmix stations
b bookmark song/artist
( decrease volume
) increase volume
= delete seeds/feedback

When you first launch it you log with your pandora account and choose your station from the list it presents.

I want to move to Chrome full-time but they still don't have the double click to zoom option that Safari has natively. ARG! Does anyone know of a Chrome extension that does the double tap to zoom with a magic mouse?

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So I started using a Flash Blocker in Safari to help with browser performance. It's a Safari Plugin called "Click2Flash". It'll show where the flash is, and I have the choice to click on it if I want it to load.

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Thank you +Matthew Inman for the oatmeal. I want this first class flight to be true!

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JSS Users Rejoice (New Casper Suite 8.21):

Changes to login and logout hooks. Login and logout hooks now verify that the JSS is available before performing management tasks. This change addresses the delayed login that some computers experience when the JSS is not available. There is also a new option in the Computer Management Framework settings for displaying the progress of login and logout hooks to the end user.

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Another reason why I love iFixit. They are selling a quarter as a tool to fix a Macbook for $2.95. Read the description. It's pretty funny.

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DavMail is a utility that runs on your Mac so you can use Exchange 2003 (my work hasn't updated yet) activesync to get Mail in OSX, or other mail clients, just like the iPhone does. It also works for your Exchange Contacts ( and Calendar ( You point all your apps to DavMail on localhost and DavMail fetches the mail, etc. I can't believe how awesome this little utility is, and I wish I would have found it years ago!

Here is a Step-by-Step guide on how to set it up:

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I thought this was interesting. Nice to know what to expect, if you're not already running the Beta.

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I visited the Carmel Beach City Park, in Carmel, CA. To build a bon fire and hang out with friends. While there we saw some fire dancers on the beach. Here is their video.
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