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+Tim Bird​ predicted the failure of his ELC team game.

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+Alexander Graf​ showing usable UBOOT code.

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+Karim Yaghmour​ and his headless Android.

Why does Android always give me a system update on my phone just before I have to travel? They really like to make me nervous about updating it.

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New RT stable releases are out with backported patches from upstream RT:

Grumble. I just stumbled over commit bb5e5ce545f2 "x86/dumpstack: Remove kernel text addresses from stack dump", which removes the hex number from the RIP.

Yeah, I understand the security aspect of it, but I liked the hex RIPs. I didn't just use it to find file names, but actually look at the objdump and such.

I put in some code into namei.c to check out some info there, and it crashed the kernel. I want to see exactly where it happened. faddr2line is useless to me. I want the objdump info. And gdb seems useless with this too.

(gdb) list *filename_lookup.part.51+0xd2
A syntax error in expression, near `.51+0xd2'.

I need a utility that gives me back the damn hex addr :-p

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Grumble. It appears that emacs has deprecated find-tag (something that's been very long hardcoded into my muscle memory) to this strange xref-find-definitions, which I haven't the foggiest idea how to use.

Why do people like to change what works?

"Journal file /var/log/journal/blahblahblah/user-1000.journal uses an unsupported feature, ignoring file."

Screw you journalctl!!!!!
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