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Steven Curley (PsiCoTix)
Change Is The Only Constant - Go With The Flow And Follow The Roll
Change Is The Only Constant - Go With The Flow And Follow The Roll

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A member of our #ingress faction has left us... may the shapers continue to inspire him and move him to greatness on his next journey...

his soul must have hurt much to choose the path he did.. I know the shapers\n’zeer\the all - will try and assist it to heal..
On Tuesday Enlightened Ingress Agent Wootfrog went missing. On Friday his body was found several miles from where his car was found Thursday. The police are calling his death a suicide.

He was a single father, military veteran and close friends to a Resistance Agent. In memory of his life the Portland Metro Ingress Community is asking for beacons to be placed at 7pm Sunday night. A go fund me will be shared in the coming days to help fund funeral expenses and to support his daughter whom he had sole custody of.
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Trainers in Ladysmith, BC, Canada braved some stormy weather to catch Pikachu and celebrate the first Pokémon Community Day at Transfer Beach. It was tough to keep the BBQ lit, but despite that there was enough warm food and drinks for everyone on a cold and blustery day!
+Pokémon GO +Niantic #PoGo #PokémonGo
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San Francisco Anomaly attendees - we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for the #ToysForTots program and are hosting a drop off during the SF Anomaly check-in this weekend! Bring a toy and make the holidays brighter for children in our local community!

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Omg I can’t believe this is happening!

+Andrew Krug
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Let's help heal some wounds Xfaction style - BEER !!!!
#XFCC   #INGRESS   #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork   #VIIPA  
Let's do this up cross faction style! It's been a long time since we've done something fun and there's a group of us that really miss those fun things we used to do! So here we are, the return of VIIPA! Beergress #1 is sure to be fun and full of beer! Hope to see you out there, if not there will be more events to come!
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Boulder need you!!
The Game Has Changed --> Are You Up To The Challenge?

The EXO5 Boulder Swag Store Is Live! This will be the 7th XM Anomaly hosted by the Colorado Enlightened and each year keeps getting better! We're honored that +Niantic continues to choose Colorado for anomalies and have put commemoration logos for each on the back of our EXO5 Collector's Coin!

Designed and produced by the community for the community: custom engraved dog tags, anomaly pins, patches, apparel, and much more! Only the best is good enough for you!

Store Link:
(Swag pick-up at ENL Hotel Fri/Sat with times TBA. Shipping available and will occur the week after anomaly.)

The +Colorado Enlightened deeply appreciates all the nationwide support from within the community! We have the best-of-the-best who've stepped up to ensure EXO5 Boulder is the most memorable anomaly event ever! Heartfelt and special thanks to +David Deutsch, our graphic artist and creative visionary based out of Brooklyn, who's well respected for his stellar work on Aegis Nova Brooklyn. Heartfelt and special thanks also to +Robert Bowman & +Kellie B the California King & Queen of Swag who have produced swag for numerous anomalies! Love you guys! #OneTeam


Secure The Score In Q4!
Register for the EXO5 Boulder Anomaly and help set the pace for the entire series! Sport your swag in style as you dominate the competition on the playing field!

ENL Registration:

EXO5 Flight Finder:


Earn Your Stripes! GORUCK Registration Closes Tomorrow (Oct 3): Come Ruck-It-Up with us in Boulder! (30% Off = INGRESS30)


Faster - Stronger - Boulder
The Colorado Enlightened
Always Going A Mile Above!

+Andrew Krug +Ethan Lepouttre +Chiplander
#EXO5 #FSB #FasterStrongerBoulder
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Martins math is worse than what he is complaining about.

I count at least another 40 or so fields...
Local Enl. fieldfarming gone wrong...
Worst setting and linking ever seen.
Of course they b.lieve they are the Nr1-Players worldwide... Or so...

They were talking about 'a super efficient linking-plan' i heard.


Wanna laugh? Look at that:
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Operation: Pokemon Masterz

So what exactly happens when too many veteran agents are sitting around shooting the breeze, and a little tadpole comes along? More fun than a barrel full of monkeys that’s what happens!

As the crew was chillaxing in the Xfinity lounge @Emporess piped up about a new little tadpole making a peep in comms. Something about Level 40, and wanting to submit something called “pokestops” she reached out to a local ENL @Eakenrae who was quick send a message of welcoming support.

The little tadpoles was obviously very confused and the situation growing more dire.

The call for help went out and was quickly answered by @PsiCoTix @Artisequal, @Redman247 @Biancanetta @rafdotmas @FUJerry @Learch and in a massive effort RES and ENL joined forces to assist - we began to help him - giving him some pointers, actually provided legitimate methods we could assist him with their goals of creating more “pokestops” while also playfully introducing him to triangles! Hmmmmm pretty pretty triangles - Comms lit up with agents from all over North America responding to the call for support @LordDeathstrike @Catwoman1 @Itso9 @DonMusto @KMJade soon it was like another another version of our hangout. Silly songs!! Playful cross-faction banter. Michael Jackson, Milli Vanilli and smurfberries, all while continuing to ensure the tadpole was tagged throughout.

It was a joyous time - likely one of the best welcomes a new agent has had to Ingress ..

And than…

we discovered :

Knowing that our new little tadpole had likely been inspired by this mess of a post - it was time to bring HeLLBURNR into our play time!

HeLLBURNR didn’t seem to like to be silly. It takes Dedication to be a Pokemasterz.

The Community wanted to make sure we recognized HeLLBURNR for being an epic Pokemon Masterz. He was sent many many supportive comm messages for his achievement.

The Community wanted to show their pride for his achievements as a Pokemon Master; led by @AStormWarning they sang and sang .. “I wanna be the very best….” The Pokemon Theme rang through comms ‘til the wee hours of the morning.

An X-Fac comm operation of this magnitude had never before been seen. There were so many agents involved it’s impossible to name them all and dozens more both RES and ENL who cheered from the sidelines. It was truly an epic night and would not have been possible without all of you THANK YOU ALL!!!

#ingress #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #xfcc #pokemonmasterz

note: pictures may contain duplicates and/or nonsensical banter
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