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Change Is The Only Constant - Go With The Flow And Follow The Roll
Change Is The Only Constant - Go With The Flow And Follow The Roll

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Get Cozy Agents it's time for another chilling episode of #ingress #glyphchallenge !

The city of Victoria, well known for it's lush gardens and frequently the envy of the rest of Canada during winter. Found itself asking 'Do you want to build a Snowman?" Agent +Carl Chambers responded "It doesn't have to be a snowman"

Our agents keenly aware of their #human elements being unaccustomed to such frosty conditions pushed forth with the draw. Human #4 (or was it Human #5) began to take shape over the course of a day as adventurous agents from both factions took to the fresh white canvas, mother nature had prepared for them.

Czarl of the Resistance was all that could be tempted to brave these treacherous conditions. He plowed ahead as centimeters of snow, and not cherry blossoms, fell from the around him. Employing the same nerves of steel he's demonstrated in countless battles against the enlightened he completed all he could on his own of the draw.

With day light running out, and the temperature dropping another degree Celsius, and enlightened agent was desperately needed. Zathas of the enlightened stepped forward and our snowy #human was complete.

Agents +mxxw and +CtrlAltFck both claim to have done nothing, other than enjoy warm beverages indoors, yet we know that they put some mind, and soul into this body of work.

Agents be safe! and stay tuned for the next frighteningly frigid tale of xfaction fun!

+Ingress +Andrew Krug

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“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
The Queen, Alice in Wonderland

While we might not all believe 6 impossible things before breakfast, we do think the best way to start off the New Year is with at least a couple impossible things. And impossible things can only be improved with a sunset and a martini.

So to start off 2019, or as we prefer, the Roman version of MMXIX, we present to you two sets of impossible crossed beams.

Happy XIX to all agents!

+Ingress +XFCC Global +Andrew Krug +Ethan Lepouttre +Nadia Amro

A special thank you to Agent 57Cell and the amazing work they produced with OP: Marshmellow man:

and of course we can't leave out the agents whom actually did all the work.
+mxxw, +CtrlAltFck, +Heather Reburn +Carl Chambers
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OH NO AGENTS!!! It appears our little band of xfaction fun found themselves in a heap of trouble while trying to #liberate the glyph challenge.

You could say there world got turned upside down!

To fully express the glyph “Liberate”, it is not enough to simply create the glyph. One must liberate the glyph!

Our intrepid Enlightened heroes found a glyph. A blue “Liberate” glyph that had been casually created and left unguarded by the foolish Resistance.
So we liberated the “Liberate” and made it our own. We made it Better, Stronger, Faster, Greener!

Super Agents that made this happen +mxxw (ENL), +CtrlAltFck (RES), PsiCoTix (ENL), Colourist (RES), +Heather Reburn (ENL), +Carl Chambers (RES) & Zathas (ENL)

Special shoutout to Colourist who is out of the area, but found time to draw up the plan

#glyphchallenge #liberate

(Yes, this is just a flipped version of our #capture glyph :P We did however do a real but less impressive try at liberate over at

#Ingress #FieldsForFun #XFCC #TheyFlipTheBitch

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +Ethan Lepouttre +John Hanke
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For the latest Episode in the series +mxxw and +CtrlAltFck set about doing a quick #liberate glyph for the January #glyphchallenge but as is often the case with people of opposing factions and ideologies each had a different idea of what colour a liberate glyph should be.

MXXW said clearly it should be green, we're trying to liberate peoples minds by letting the shapers enlighten us. However CtrlAltFck had different thoughts on the matter and insisted it should be blue, to resist the influence of the shapers and liberate people from their meddling.

And so back and forth our little glyph goes, being "liberated" one way, and then "liberated" right back the other way again.

+Ingress +John Hanke +Andrew Krug

#TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #XFCC #INGRES #LINKART
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It’s time for another exciting episode of #Ingress #GlyphChallenge

Over the past 6 months our team has completed every one of the Glyph Art challenges with an x-faction submission. Growing bold from our previous successes, our Agents decided to attempt something a bit more challenging. We decided to bring a bit of Harmony over Downtown! This chosen canvas space is highly contested by commuters and tourists. Portal Dense, and rich in history it’s every agents dream!

Up to action first was GamesMsConduct and +CtrlAltFck, unleashing a steady stream of bursters to clear up the mess of enlightened spaghetti clogging the northern half, meanwhile PsiCoTix being the only available enlightened agent was sent to primary hubs and his anchors! Zoom Zoom Zoom, our little team that could went about their work! Agents +Heather Reburn and +mxxw providing intel support cheered us on!

The Downtown area was glowing a little extra that night as hundreds of portals were neutralized.

With the upper portion nearly cleared a surprise blocker appeared. Harmony was indeed the theme of the night, as we were able to get the agent whom had thrown it to drop it for us! (thank you!)

With such a small team working over such a large messy area, more support was needed. Agent +Carl Chambers stepped up to lend further help. With the upper portion completed - a mad dash to finish the bottom was made.

With the last link thrown - breaths where held.. As attack notifications started to pour in.
Looks like the hockey game got out.

Our harmony existed for a moment, as is common with harmony it is difficult to maintain, yet more than worth the effort to achieve. Please enjoy our imperfect harmony

We hope you enjoyed our Agents most recent Adventure with Glyph Art! Stay tuned for our next AMAZING episode !!

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +John Hanke +Ethan Lepouttre
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Wow !! Very Pretty!
polish version below… :)

"Magic is, in some people’s opinion, art. Great, elitist art, capable of creating beautiful and extraordinary things. Magic is a talent granted to only a chosen few. Others...can only look at the results of the artists’ works with admiration and envy, can admire the finished work while feeling that without these creations and without this talent the world would be a poorer place. The fact that, following the Conjunction of the Spheres, some chosen few discovered talent and magic within themselves, the fact that they found Art within themselves, is the blessing of beauty...Those who believe that magic is art are also right.” Yennefer of Vengerberg

Most of you probably know Sapkoski’s work, which is so close to my heart.
I would like to start my story in that way, because the traditional annual painting of Wrocław city deserves this kind of description :)
For several years in a row agents of both faction have met up before Christmas in order to paint the city in shades of green and blue with a Christmas theme in mind. We have had a star, bells, Santa Claus and in this year we painted a Christmas Tree :)
As usual we meet at the farm close to the Cathedral, to refill gear, eat cakes and hand made Bernie’s gingerbread cookies. Then group picture as usual with green flag (next year I’m going to take some blue!) We went into the city before eleven, fully aware of the huge amount of cross links to destroy, keys to farm, fields to establish, damage to fix..
Our car teams were accompanied by nice intel’s voices giving us encouragement and serving jokes on this cold December day. As usual we have to pass through fences, we had muddy shoes, and we were searching for PoGo players who were ruining our drawing. Comm was full of messages. The Christmas Tree was starting to appear on the map around 3 p.m. but we had to work until 8 p.m. This year, we hosted agents from other cities who came especially for the event, but also agents who helped remotely.

Thank you to the agents who threw the fields making up the Christmas tree, those who supported us on the channel, Intel operators for dedicating us the whole Saturday, agents who didn’t take part but didn’t play the game those days, which allowed us to finish the drawing. It was just a great job !!!
The Wroclaw tradition of Christmas painting is MAGIC and it always works!

„ Magia jest w opinii niektórych sztuką. Sztuką wielką, elitarną, zdolną tworzyć rzeczy piękne i niezwykłe. Magia to talent dany nielicznym wybrańcom. Inni, talentu pozbawieni, mogą jedynie patrzeć z podziwem i zazdrością na rezultaty pracy artystów, mogą podziwiać stworzone dzieła, czując zarazem, że bez tych dzieł i bez tego talentu świat byłby uboższy. To, że po Koniunkcji Sfer niektórzy wybrańcy odkryli w sobie talent i magię, to, że odnaleźli w sobie Sztukę, jest błogosławieństwem piękna. I tak jest. Ci, którzy uważają magię za sztukę, również mają rację” Yennefer z Vengerbergu

Wielu z nas zapewne zna bliską memu sercu twórczość Sapkowskiego… chciałabym w ten sposób zacząć naszą opowieść, ponieważ tradycyjne coroczne malowanie Wrocławia na taki magiczny opis właśnie zasługuje :)
Już kilka lat z rzędu agenci obu frakcji spotykają się przed świętami Bożego Narodzenia w celu pomalowania miasta na zielono i niebiesko ze
świątecznym motywem w tle. Mieliśmy już gwiazdkę, mieliśmy dzwoneczki i Mikołaja, w tym roku zmalowaliśmy choinkę :)
Spotkaliśmy się jak zwykle na farmie pod Katedrą w celu uzupełnienia zapasów sprzętowych, spałaszowania ciasta i własnoręcznie wypiekanych na tą okazję pierniczków Berniego. Potem grupowe zdjęcie jak zwykle z zieloną flagą. Za rok chyba zabiorę „flagę chomikową” od Zibiego! Żeby był jakiś niebieski akcent jednak…:)
Wystartowaliśmy w miasto przed jedenastą, świadomi ogromu krossów do zdjęcia, kluczy do wyfarmienia, pól do zapięcia, naprawienia tego co przeszkadzajki zepsują… Naszym samochodowym mieszanym teamom towarzyszyły miłe głosy intelowców, dodające nam otuchy i serwujące dowcipy w ten zimny grudniowy dzień. Jak zwykle nie obyło się bez przechodzenia przez płoty, błota na butach, szukania zapamiętale krossujących i psujących rysunek „pokemoniarzy” … comm aż kipiał od wiadomości. Choinka zaczęła wyłaniać się na mapie już od 15.00, lecz pracy starczyło nam do około 20.00. W tym roku gościliśmy agentów z innych miast, którzy specjalnie na imprezę przyjechali ale też agentów którzy pomagali zdalnie.

Dziękujemy agentom którzy malowali choinkę osobiście, tym którzy nas wspierali i kibicowali nam na kanale, intelowcom za poświęcenie całej soboty, agentom którzy nie brali udziału ale odpuścili sobie grę kilka dni przed imprezą, co pozwoliło nam skończyć rysunek. To był po prostu kawał dobrej roboty !!!
Wrocławska tradycja świątecznego malowania to MAGIA i to się zawsze udaje ! :)

W rolach głównych wystąpili:

Projekt rysunku:
Ibiquer RES,
Ingine RES,
Tuptam RES,
Voodoochild ENL

teamy czyszcząco-linkujące:
Arqsz ENL,
b0rk0w ENL,
Ingine RES,
karola109 RES,
KVReinherz RES,
Losiooo ENL,
Lwica ENL,
MadameNuts ENL,
margoz RES,
Nataszka1975 RES,
Obey138 ENL,
Oleeeena RES,
RodisPZ RES,
SkaczacaZOwcami RES,
TheTomasus ENL,
TomcatX ENL,
voodoochild1789 ENL,
WiekszeZuo RES,

Elbisias ENL,
n0ut RES,

wsparcie duchowe intela:
Zgadula ENL

StalloneTheBest RES

Nataszka1975 RES

English version support :)
@Iwciak RES
@RobertABT RES

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I love this community so much #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork
OP: 50 Cycles of Enlightenment Or #TheLittleCellThatCould

Off the West Coast of Canada’s mainland is the humble Vancouver Island. This island is home to an especially hardy community of Enlightened Ingress agents. Most belong to single community know as IVIE (Ingress Vancouver Island Enlightened) as one of the “founder” player communities they have seen many changes, not only to the game, yet also to the community, and our opponents.

Today on December 6th at 13:00 GMT-8, we get to celebrate those changes, our adaptability, and our drive to achieve! On this date in NR13-ROMEO-07 we achieved our 50th Cycle win in a row, or one year of Enlightened Domination of our cell.

It was not a simple task to reach this milestone. I believe we owe it to the foundations we built the years prior. As a community we ensured that even when our opponents were consistently outmaneuver us, our resolve to do our best was maintained. As our opponents introduced new challenges within our playbox, we developed new solutions, and when necessary waited.

When the time was right; one of our choosing - We Took Control Back!
Starting with Operation: Keelhaul cycle control was returned to the Enlightened, this operation ended a 43 Cycle win streak our opponents had maintained. Using the momentum gained from that success. IVIE drove forward invigorated anew. The next year we continued to perfect our processes and attempt to maintain our Cell Domination. With the involvement of newer excited leading the charge, being supported and cheered on by Veterans, the community formed the goal to not just out do our opponents win streak, but to SMASH it !! (because Smashing Blue is just what the Enlightened do)

While achieving this feat it was very important to us to maintain our basic values of being a supportive, inclusive community, that enables our members to play ingress how they enjoy it!
As you can imagine, or perhaps have experienced, that is not always an easy task. The temptation to consistently use hard portals with long Time To Live is strong, and the adventure that comes with those style of operations is undeniably exciting! As a community our planners and architects consistently attempted to find a balance within our operations to maintain those values.

With such amazing and dedicated agents our agility and creativity was consistently pushed to the next level. As demonstrated this past September during OP: Mximun Pnwage - Haida Gwaii were we achieved the highest average MU in the cell 1.5 million MU, beating the resistance previous record of 976K MU. That specific OP is a great example of the proficiency of Vancouver Islands Enlightened. The 1.5 Million MU average was achieved via a combination of local fielding Ops, and international cooperation for a mega field.

With so many more agents each of whom in their own way supported the team efforts of such a fantastic community it’s nearly impossible to list everyone. We thank everyone named in the listed sitreps, and those who choose to remain <redacted>. This is all our success!

To celebrate our year of achievements A very special field design was proposed, some fun field art! Our Anchors and playbox chosen with great care an excited team of Island enlightened went to work to present this giant 50.

Congratulations to the amazing Enlightened agents of NR13-ROMEO-07

IVIE Sitreps from 2018

Holding Pattern

Mximun Pwnage


Operation BBQ

The Opping

Barrel of Wine

WIN scoreboard

Layer Cake (126 layers counting rethrows) off Discovery -no sitrep

ladygress campbell river

A thing

empty tent



Keelhaul 2 – no sitrep

Keehaul 1 - no sitrep

There are another half dozen ops that never even got a name. Glass anchors and 3AM checkpoints for the win.

And of course, an uncountable number of Oak Bay layers.

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +Ingress Vancouver Island Enlightened (IVIE)
#TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #Ingress #Enlightened #Winning #FrogCheers
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Welcome Back Agents!!
In Today's Exciting Episode of #Ingress #GlyphChallenge we find our motley crew of xfaction agents venturing into new territory!!

With little time to plan and implement the PURE glyph +CtrlAltFck +Carl Chambers and +mxxw rushed towards the heart of Fernwood.

In this neighborhood of quaint coffee shops, theaters, and Kilt shops our brave adventures had to be ever vigilant!! Why you may ask? Because loitering around any corner they may find themselves face to face with a gang of young men and woman in knit caps or fedoras looking slightly uninterested in everything. It has been rumoured that any contact with these gangs may result in an immediate desire to head to the nearest pub and enjoy a pint of one of the local micro breweries on tap.

We had lost agents on previous operations within this community to the nefarious "Fernwood 5" which may just be a cluster of 5 portal reachable from inside the local pub, or it could be one of the gangs previously mentioned; Either way Agents, it's a very serious concern. Further investigation is required.

+mxxw the ever resourceful agent they had worn a "Hand knitted Cowichan Sweater" in an attempt to blend in with the neighborhood (we suspect they may been claimed by one of the local gangs on a previous exploration)

After successfully avoiding the challenges of this inviting community our intrepid team was able to lay down some fields to Represent the glyph PURE.
To ensure the purity of the glyph, layered resistance and enlightened fields were used.

We hope you enjoyed our Agents most recent Adventure with Glyph Art! Stay tuned for our next AMAZING episode !!

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +John Hanke +Ethan Lepouttre
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Beacons for Stan!
I have a request... If Stan Lee made a positive influence on your life please join me in honoring that by showing it in your scanner. Throw a beacon, a field, a starburst, do field art, do anything you can. Please join me in honoring Stan Lee's life. There isn't a time frame on this. Do it when you feel you need to.

For a man that inspired Millions... Who brought life and amazing stories to us all.... There has been a great loss to us today. Stan Lee I hope that you are at peace now.. thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given us.

+Ingress +John Hanke +Andrew Krug +flint dille #ingress #beacons4StanLee #StanLee #Marvel
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In Todays Exciting Episode of #Ingress #glyphchallenge our intrepid team of Agents found themselves with a few wires crossed!!

The Challenge was simple: Make our teams Glyphs, the outcome was something a little bit different.

we decided to do The Resistance Glyph in Green and the Enlightened in Blue, as a way to show appreciation for our opponents and fellow agents.

Ingress with it's simple rules connect three points make a triangle is not as fun without a bit of health competition.

With out both sides many of the most exciting moment an Agent may experience would never come to pass.

this Glyph Art was brought to you by Agents +CtrlAltFck and Me with Support from +mxxw +Heather Reburn and +Carl Chambers
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