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Almost half-way to hitting a $100 000 target with 22 days to go: become the 635th backer of this Occupy inspired project.
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Transferred account to link.

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A CALL OUT to the G+ Community

We believe these two exciting and independent projects have the potential to improve our world. Please give $10 and share this post to invest in yourself and future generations. Solidarity. - +Loomio ♥ - +Humanity Online ♥

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Follow your bliss.........:)

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Although there has been similar scientific reports, this one specifically lays blame on "Elites" exploiting "Commoners" and Commonwealth.

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Tony Benn - The Problem

"Now we live in a world where real power has moved away from the parliaments we elect and is now exercised by people we didn't elect, can't remove and who don't have to listen to us, and that is the problem that we face."

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R.I.P. Tony Benn. 

"If the British people were ever to ask themselves what power they truly enjoyed under our political system they would be amazed to discover how little it is, and some new Chartist agitation might be born and might quickly gather momentum."

How little some things change..

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 - Racism in the Justice System
 - Endemic racial inequality
 - High levels of homelessness
 - Criminalisation of homelessness 
 - Mistreatment of mentally ill and the young
 - Rampant Gun violence
 - Human right infringing surveillance 
 - Drone strikes used a terror weapon
 - Illegal torture of prisoners at Guantanamo

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In Germany, community energy accounts for 51% of all energy produced from renewables. In the UK this figure stands at just 0.5%.

#IfWeWorkTogether @ #HumanityOnline we can Co-Own energy to distribute wealth, decentralise power, protect the environment, improve our health and tackle Climate Change.
The challenge today is not so much getting people to try to fix problems, but to get those who are trying  to work together. Share YOUR vision and ideas of the kinds of great things we can achieve in this world if we work together on the things that really matter to us; and then ask your friends and network to do so as well!

Artists, poets, musicians, video producers, writers, bloggers, vloggers, musicians, poets - anyone who knows how to articulate words, symbols or images - we all have something to say! Participation is simple:  

1: post your update (which could be art, text, video etc) with a good description 
3: make sure to include #IfWeWorkTogether #HumanityOnline 
4: get your network buzzing to also participate! 

Everything that you do will also be helping Humanity Online raise funds to build a website where there will be ONE page per issue per location, with project management and collaboration tools to help people work together! More info at

Your contributions will be curated into content that will be shared on where the money donated for each curation will go towards funding the Humanity Online platform (If you don’t want your work to be curated, please let us know!)

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The four building blocks of leadership.
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