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Steven North (Omto)
Life is about freedom & filthy jokes!
Life is about freedom & filthy jokes!
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How many times have you seen the phrase ‘Life Plan’ or ‘Soul Purpose’ mentioned? Have you caught yourself asking the questions “Why am I here” and “What is my purpose?” Have you ever wondered what it is that you are meant to be doing in life? Ever seen a…

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The Passion for Love is felt within the latest song for the upcoming album by Steven North, titled “Pasión Por Amor (Lady Nada & Sananda)” The sound of the Spanish guitars, the vibration and sound of the drums, the beautiful and passionate passion for…

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Spanish guitars & the sounds of the drums.

#music #newearth #stevennorth

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Just a few photos from today... 
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With the preparations for the next album underway, this new track will be a part of it, titled “The Nights of India” with the one known as Archangel Metatron. The magical light frequencies and consciousness of crystals are embedded in this beautiful song.…

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The magical frequency of the crystals is embedded in this magical track titled "The Nights of India" with the one known as Archangel Metatron.

The crystals included in this track are Lemurian Quartz & Quantum Quattro.

The Heart Activation Music by Steven & Amy North


Song Title: The Nights of India
Song by: Steven North
Crystals: Lemurian Quartz, Quantum Quattro
Archangel: One known as Metatron
ISRC: AU-WMU-17-00005


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The latest track by Steven North

#music #crystal #crystalhealing #stevennorth

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The Nights of India by Steven North, with the one known as Archangel Metatron with Lemurian Quartz & Quantum Quattro. 
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