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Absolutely HILARIOUS. Great explanation of the relationship between voltage and current, but I almost died laughing. 

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Kit-Cat in a Shark Hat
“Come here little Kit-Cat,”
My human said to me,
“I have something special
Come over here and see”

So, completely trusting, 
I jumped up on her knee
To see what she had promised
Something special just for me

She unwrapped a little package
I hoped it’d be a treat
But I was disappointed 
When it wasn’t something to eat

Then my human had the nerve 
To pull this thing over my head
And she began to laugh like crazy
Indignant and vexed I said;

“What’s so darn funny
Why are you laughing at me?”
So she held up a mirror
And what did I see?

A shark on my head!
Now that’s not a bit funny
Instead if getting a treat
The cat treat was me!
          Kit-Cat as told to Blythe Ayne

     Thank you +Ashish T for sharing the darling  Shark-hat Kit-Cat


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The video of my recent webinar on convolutional nets and deep learning organized by NVIDIA GPU Tech is available: 80 minutes of insufferable pontificating interspersed with slightly less insufferable videos and live demos.

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Tamanojo and Kyutaro🌸🌸

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