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I am, I said.
I am, I said.

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Anyone have any cool footage of them running that I could use?

I need footage of runners for a quick promo I'm doing. It's for a sunglass company so I need either footage that doesn't show your face or shows your face wearing sunglasses that doesn't clearly show the brand.

I'll only use like 5 seconds of any clips you have. It doesn't need to be long at all.

I can pay for good clips, but not really more than $5 a pop. If you have a few good clips I could send sunglasses. :-) HD would be ideal, but if it's shot on a modern cell phone it would probably work.

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Who do you think Mr. Oz has prisoner? (spoilers for Rebirth plot-points as of last week's comics)

Okay, I need a list of recognizable characters who have been missing since Rebirth #1.

I have...
Booster Gold
Conner Kent
Bart Allen

who else?
(also, if those listed have appeared somewhere, please let me know)

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Are We Heading Towards A ‘Star Trek’ Future?

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I made a shirt design where Pokemon's Ash is taking the Air Jordan pose. If you like it, give it a vote! :-)

What's the best Pokemon name you've seen?

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If you want to help me out, vote for my t-shirt design that is meant to legitimize Pokemon Go as a sport. :-)

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I like DC movies more than most anyone, but Marvel will keep the upper hand for the foreseeable future.

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Anyone else think transports are under utilized? This post makes a case for some serious teleportation R&D.

Hey, guys. I'm a big Star Trek fan (mostly TNG and the new films)
I'm also a staff writer on Nice community you have here.
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