I was thinking last night that it is a shame that Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month isn't a more regular event (having happened only once as far as I know, November 2011).

If you didn't see it last time, it consisted of making a promise to undertake some grand solo effort during the month of November (11), grand being your own definition. For example I might put up some AAR posts for a change... But equally I could try and complete my solo skirmish system, or design a card game, or plan a series of posts about something relevant to my games or the solo hobby, just something to make November special.

So I thought, it's been 4 years, even the Olympics and World Cup manage to stage another in that time, why not have one again?

I'm not proposing any rules or taking 'ownership', just putting my hand up and putting it out there.

Any thoughts?

Edit: +Alex Yari​ If we reach at least 17 plusses on this post, I'll promote an event on this group. I would also love to fold a solo design challenge into it for those interested, since we have some designers here.

If you edit your post to include this comment I can put it up as a sticky for a few weeks to see how many plusses it gets.
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