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Thanks Brian Jensen for covering Artemis Defense Institute!

"Shooter Training Goes Virtual with Artemis Defense -- Artemis Defense's virtual-reality systems deliver street-ready #LEO survival skills!"

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My son got the new mini #lego Millennium Falcon. We quickly put together the small craft and was admiring it while we took some pictures. I didn't know I would get this cool 360 #autoawesome view from it. #sals #legostarwars
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A reminder to our great community in #orangecounty area -- Our "Kids & Teens Situational Awareness Class" happens Saturday, April 19, 2014. Class includes Classroom
Discussion, Krav Maga, and Optional Firearms

Learn more:

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If you can't dazzle with dexterity, baffle with bulls#$t!!! Find the inaccuracies (OK, lies) in this gun video! Gun Facts 101: Assault Weapons

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Ladies, join us for Ladies Night in #orangecounty  ~ Ladies Night was developed specifically so women could have a safe, comfortable and stress free environment in which they can learn about self defense and firearms training. Learn more:

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Another day of training at #ADI  in  #OrangeCounty where everyone is welcome: all ages - military - law enforcement and civilians! 
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Another day at ADI #guntraining   #orangecounty  

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We welcome you to plan your next #corporate event, group outing or team-building event at Artemis Defense Institute in #OrangeCounty! Learn more:
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