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Here's a Moog maven explaining the company's role in the Moog Google doodle.

I once met the great man myself. I was doing a Rolling Stone story about how digital technology was affecting music--this was the 80s!--and visited the Kurzweil company to discuss their synthesizers. The guy they sent to talk to me was none other than Bob Moog. I almost fainted. Are you...THE.. Bob Moog? Yes it was. Very humble and charming guy.
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this is amazing - it was the Moog that inspired my group in 1969 to build a synthesizer of our own - simple compared to the Moog, but useful in live performance. then a few years ago I found a Minimoog at a Salvation Army here in Brooklyn!
Google's moog is so much fun, simple and effective, like the original.
Its post like these that makes G+ eons ahead of Facebook.
I had a synthesizer a while back & with a background in music it was great! Creativity.
This was a random act of coolness. When I was young I wanted to get a Moog but they were out of my budget. Today you can get cool keyboards for a fraction. However, it was the Moog that inspired it all.
I actually played twinkle, twinkle, little star on the Google Doodle keyboard and recorded it. It was the most amazing Doodle I've seen so far. It actually inspired me to learn more about Bob Moog. I'm thankful for his contribution to music.
wow. Acest tip Moog este într-adevăr ceva. Ma intreb daca el va veni în România oricând în curând?
I soo started to play this tune on my computer
At school, I went on google, that thing was there, I tried even throught I had no speaker on the school pc, but all it did is search moog, so I got confused! Because of that I have not really tried!
You missed my birthday, Bob. How about sending me a free synth as a belated b-day present?
I think every movie made in the 70's had music featuring a Moog.
Moog. The last time I heard that word was in high school. I dated a guy then who was into playing the Moog. Happy Birthday Bob Moog.
I keep thinking of Wendy Carlos and the original "Tron."
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