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The estimable James Gleick takes on four books -- with emphasis on In The Plex -- in this New York Review of Books article on Google. I especially appreciate his calling my book the most authoritative to date and also entertaining! As always, Gleick has interesting things to say about Google, particularly on its role in our efforts to deal with privacy in the Internet Age.
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He did have it right however. I never really understood Google properly until I read your book. Suddenly all the cloak and dagger activity made a lot more sense.
great book Steve! I got the audiobook version -- unbelievable information and insight.
Will have to check out your book, Steve. According to Roger McNamee, it's Apple that's doing all the dominating, but soon to be vanquished by HTML5.
James Gleick is a very good author - his book about Deterministic Chaos got me hooked up to the topic for a few years (back in the high school)...
‘Most of the time Google does not actually have the answers. When people say, “I looked it up on Google,” they are committing a solecism. When they try to erase their embarrassing personal histories “on Google,” they are barking up the wrong tree. It is seldom right to say that anything is true “according to Google.” Google is the oracle of redirection. Go there for “hamadryad,” and it points you to Wikipedia.’

Perhaps if the author of this article were not so concerned about seeming darkly portentous, he wouldn’t have written this terribly circular argument. Wikipedia is adamant about merely representing what is written in ‘reliable sources’, so it too ‘merely’ organizes information. And we could go on and get neurotically reductive and say books are just an organization of the alphabet; pictures just a permutation of pixels.

The distinction is flimsy and undermines the reality of Google’s utility which is as immense as creating the information in the first place.
Half way through it right now. I love the book, it is a very entertaining read. Passion is winning.
Just received my Kindle version of THE PLEX. It's on deck right now awaiting the completion of McCullough's THE GREATER JOURNEY.
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