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Someone mind explaining to me how this is supposed to work?

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Nothing like a traditional Shakespearean set in the park. +Silicon Valley Shakespeare​

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How did I miss this two days ago? Totally must see it; so far the trailer looks exactly like what I imagined when I read the book.

And of course, obxkcd:

In California, by late spring any rain has dried up in the best of years. This has not been the best of years, it has been one of a series of exceptionally dry years.

So of course, on the local Bike to Work Day...... there's rain and thunderstorms starting in the afternoon.

I guess that's why it's bike TO work day, not bike FROM work day.

Yesterday I decided to upgrade my wireless router firmware. Initially I was just going to go with a new release of DD-WRT (it came pre-installed with what is now a 5 year old release). While I was at it I figured I would set it up for IPv6 (because I noticed my cable modem had it configured) and ipsec VPN (because Android supports ipsec natively).

Imagine my surprise when I discover that DD-WRT supports neither. So I switched to OpenWrt. Which requires a lot more knowledge to configure, but it at least supports things.

Even still, dealing with IPv6 was a pain. It turns out that the IPv6 allocation from my ISP, while technically 18 quintillion addresses, is the equivalent of the allocation they would give for a direct connected network, where the cable modem is the router. That is hardly my network topology.

Long story short, despite having working IPv6 from my ISP, to get it to the rest of my network, I had to go with an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel. And that's for a BUSINESS internet connection. I tried to find news about if that would be changing, but most every site about IPv6 had information from 2013. It felt like I was living in the past by trying to be forward looking.

But the real zinger was when I was looking at who offers websites on IPv6. Some (like google, facebook, etc) do so automatically. Others (like CNN) have a separate website for IPv6. But that last one really surprised me; if you go to (assuming you can), you see news stories from January. Talk about feeling like I was living in the past!

So much for this frantic race to figure out what to do when we run out of IPv4 addresses.

Peace, and long life...

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That's officially insane. I'd never thought I'd see a TiVo advertised with such features as "raid configuration", "hot swappable drives" or "rack mountable".

Today is +Jennifer Lang and my anniversary. We celebrated it yesterday, on the weekend, by going to the beach where we got married (And watching a little of the wedding happening there in the evening), then having dinner at the restaurant where our rehearsal dinner was held.

We've had a few things we've done every year and were sort of mini-traditions. And some we didn't know we had. On our honeymoon, we pet a koala. On our first anniversary we swam with dolphins (and pet them). So we talked about needing to find some exotic animal to pet this time. But that didn't happen.

But there is something else that has happened all three times, and not something we've necessarily tried to do. On our honeymoon, as we were coming up from one of our dives, there was a pod of dolphins off the port of the dive boat. Last year as I said, we swam with dolphins.

This year, we were sitting on the beach talking, enjoying relaxing (Since our normal over-active lifestyle is hampered by a healing foot). Suddenly I spotted a fin out in the ocean. I pointed it out to Jennifer. Then it came again, and another one. I realized we were watching a pod of dolphins. Apparently there was a school of fish just off the shore because they stayed around for quite awhile, and were soon joined by a flock of birds and even a seal. About a minute after I first spotted the dolphin other people on the beach started seeing it. Most people got out of the water and stood on the shore watching.

So apparently every year on or around our anniversary, we see dolphins. And only one of those was by our choice.

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I can't wait to see an Esperanto course for +Duolingo completed!

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I haven't written much about my latest hobby: gardening.

Since I moved into this house, it has been a place plants best avoid. I've managed to kill everything from a money tree to bamboo. All except one plant. I gave up on plants and ignored it. Over a year and I hadn't watered it once. All but one stem with two leaves on the end had wilted and fallen off. But it stayed green. When I first invited the woman who was to be my wife into my house, she assumed it was the stupidest fake plant in the world, because it never changed and I never did anything to it.

And so it stayed for a couple years. Still neglected, still green.

Then we got married. While we were away on our honeymoon, my new mother-in-law took care of our house while we were gone. When we returned, there was a new growth. Now there were TWO stems, each with 2 leaves at the end.

And so it remained for another 2 years. Still unchanged. Then a few months ago I decided to try taking up growing things. I got a couple fruit trees and an herb garden, all of which were doing well. Then I decided to take up what I'd grown to call the "leaf plant". Still it remained unchanged. I tried putting it outside, but the wind where I had it buffeted the leaves against the wall, damaging it and eventually causing one of the leaves from the older stem to wither and fall off. But the remaining 3 leaves were still green.

Today, I stepped out to water it and the clementine tree I keep near it… and I saw this poking up through the soil.

My reign of terror over plants has ended.
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