So sorry +Brad Lloyd & +Tim Joseph :(
Earlier this week, a Microsoft spokesman announced that all Windows Phone 7 devices would be getting the upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Today developer evangelist Nino Silva acknowledged that he, uh, mis...
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I have an HD7. There seems to be conflicting reports on this. One side says "ALL" units will be updates. We'll have to see.
Thanks for the reading materials! I'll print them for times when I'm on the pot.
Never worry my friend. MS Has upgraded us far more than Lavonne's 3 year old android (now used by Autumn) ever was. That phone was the second android phone ever released, it was a big deal, they had Oprah promoting it then never an update. Google has really dropped the ball on Android. It wont be until WP takes a dent out of their sales that they get it straightened out.
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