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Fix IKEv2 Mobile Scripts on IOS10
Problem:   Pre-existing IKEv2 VPN mobile configuration scripts do not work with new iPhones.  The script installs the VPN but connection attempts fail. iPhone7 does not connect to the IKEv2 VPN.  However, older iPhones running IOS8 and IOS9 continues to con...

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Sidesync connection has been lost
Problem:   Samsung SideSync crashes and displays error messages: Sidesync connection has been lost. USB connection to Samsung Phone has been lost. This problem generally happens from mouse interaction with the virtual phone screen. Cause: Sidesync crashes f...

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TSA Searches Phones and Laptops
Headlines:   DIGITAL INTERROGATION? TRAVELERS' PHONES, SOCIALS SCANNED AT AIRPORTS...   Takeaway:   Personal electronic devices are subject to searches by the TSA and CBP agents -travelers beware.  U.S. Agents may request full access to smart phones, tablet...

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Android IKEv2 Client Setup
Task:   Send end-user instructions on how to configure Android IKEv2 VPN clients.   Solution: Installation is a two-step process: Step 1:  Install all three certificates.  The Administrator has sent a separate website link where you can download necessary c...

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Windows IKEv2 MTU
Problem: How to set MTU on Windows Servers.  Windows Server 2012 VPN fragments packets after it applies encryption!  This issue causes latency and causes the VPN to disconnect clients -no good! Background: The default packet size
is 1500.  Now consider how ...

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Fix Win IKEv2 NAT-T
Problem:    Windows 2012 RRAS IPsec VPN does not officially support NAT-T.  By default, RRAS only works with public IP
addresses -no NAT. Solution:    Enable NAT-T.  NAT-T allows the
VPN server to serve clients from behind the NAT device.  Modify MTU.  Back...

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Install Mobile-Config Script
Task:   Setup instructions for manual distribution of mobile-config scripts for iPhones and iPads. Assumptions: These instructions assume the mobile-config script has already been generated,  These instructions are for situations when mobile device manageme...

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Dynamic S2S VPNs
Task: Create site-to-site (S2S) interfaces for dynamic IKEv2 VPN clients (e.g., iPhones).  Assign different cryptographic algorithms to each S2S interface. What are dynamic S2S VPNs?  S2S VPNs are generally used for static VPNs.  For example, a branch offic...

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MDM Cert Enrollment
Task: How to manually request and enroll certificates for BYOD devices with Windows CA. Background: Microsoft Workplace-Join, or other MDM solution, is the recommended best-practice for device key management.  These instructions provide a work-around for in...

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CA Template for VPNs
Task:   Prepare Windows CA certificate template for end-user enrollment. Assumptions:   These instructions are for situations that require minimal VPN support. This solution only supports enrollment requests from the Windows certificate snap-in. It enforces...
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