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Nexus 6 on Fi looks like it can devour all things radio...

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Here you go Jon next laptop.

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Would be better with usb video support so one could plug random tablet in as monitor...
Personal Xbox Monitor - 3D Printed Game Controller Mount
Make a personal gaming session without the big screen
Personal Xbox Monitor - 3D Printed Game Controller Mount

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Happy Mother's day.

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I kind of want one....

Plush Game Controller with Flora & Conductive Fabric

Make an oversize plush game controller that actually works! Use conductive fabric and a Flora board to stitch up a capacitive touch sensing circuit. The controller acts like a computer keyboard, allowing you to play all your favorite old school games on emulator sites online. Becky Stern shows you how to put it all together.

This is an all-sew project with no batteries, making it great for beginners and even kids to try. Build your own:

Special assistance creating this project provided by Risa Rose.

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Ok now I think I want a D Wave or at least some time on one... It looks like quantum computers may be here for real.

Celebrate the moment.  Today is international baby girl day to all the girls and those blessed with girls, celebrate them.  For the Christians out there it is a pick a feast day... you can honor: Alexander Sauli, Adronics, Probus, Tarachus, AEthelburh, Cainnech, Gummarus, Lomman of Trim(gets two feast days the other is on my birthday), Nectarius, Pope John XXIII.  For the military today is General Pulaski Memorial day.  In Rome it is Meditrinalia. For those still in it, it is national coming out of the closet day.  For the Celtics it is Old Michelmass day. Revolution Day in Macedonia. Mato Grosso do sul day in Brazil.  So feast, hug a girl, and mix your old wine with a fresh bottle, remember your martyrs and stop picking black berries.  Celebrate the day.  

Any one get into alpha on Hawken?

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My take on an English mint sauce. ;-)

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