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I thought the main shield world from the Halo books was a lot bigger than what they depicted in Halo 4. Turns out, the first shield world the humans come across is 2AU in size. From what I remember, it was effectively a star system unto itself.
Determining the Real Sizes of Objects in Halo - Update. Full article is here - this is just the Cascade Scaling images, redone at 1280x720. An older version, created for Halo Waypoint, is here. All work was done by Stephen Loftus (SoundEffect) This collection was totally overhauled in June 2014.
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I think I'll start using Go for a lot more of my small projects. Not quite as quick to iterate as a traditional scripting language, but it's almost there and the benefits are pretty great. Need to work on my overall knowledge of the language to better harness it's features when writing quickly, but still impressed with how effortless adding 3rd party code to my project is and how easy composition can be. 
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And hacking complete. Final product took a little over two hours to figure out, code, test, test on Windows, and upload to github.
quickmailer - Quick and Simple SMTP Sender Written in Go
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The Android N preview is actually pretty damn stable so far. Not perfect, but rock solid compared to the Roms I'd play around with back in the day.

The speed of certain things has definitely improved, and the interface changes are pretty nice too. I really want to get a Pixel C now
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As much as I like the idea of unlimited usage of certain high data services (such as music and video streaming), T-Mobile is being pretty shady about the whole thing, and it could set a precedent for more draconian companies to start doing some horrible anti-net neutrality things.
Back in November, T-Mobile announced a new service for its mobile customers called Binge On, in which video streams from certain websites don’t count against customers’ data caps.
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Sometimes cyanide and happiness hits you in the feels
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You know what will save police lives? Stop allowing this shit to happen. Bombing citizens isn't the answer. Shooting first, never asking questions needs to be outlawed and captial punishment being reserved for police who fuck up. Don't give me this bullshit that "but they'll be too afraid to do their jobs". Fucking stop being absolute shit, America.
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Going to hack a quick SMTP client using Go. This is gonna be fun
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RIP Neil deGrasse Tyson. You should have known better
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His career took a hit. He should be called out a lot more than he has been over things like this. He's the face of science right now. Not taking responsibility damages not just his reputation, but scientific education as a whole. 
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My mom let me pick a Lego out of her secret stash. Found this beautiful retired one. A smart man would have sold it unopened. I am not a smart man.
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A close friend sent me a Fallout 4 code unexpectedly last night. Now I'm hooked in one of my favorite game universes of all time. Feels a lot like Fallout 3, but also very different. Loving it so far. 
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Fuck the assholes ddosing. I won't call them out by name, but we all know who they are
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The name superlink is a fictional character I created at the age of 13. The superlinkx variation has become my primary online alias, and I use it for my identifier across the web.
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usr/bin/python3 import turtle degrees_between = 1 def draw_square(my_turtle): for i in list(range(4)): my_turtle.forward(100) my_turtle.righ

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Awesome atmosphere and a great place to pick up comics and play magic
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They are currently remodeling and things are actually looking pretty nice
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Best drive in around. Great grilled cheese and amazing shakes. Staff is always friendly.
Public - 3 months ago
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Big local tradition. No better way to celebrate 4th of July
Public - 3 months ago
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59 reviews
One of my favorite places. Very friendly staff, excellent food, and good service. Be sure to arrive early, they're almost always busy.
Public - 2 weeks ago
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Amazing Asian food and a great atmosphere
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Decent fast food. A little expensive but tastes good. Frozen custard mixes are amazing.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago