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Want to raiser and lower my workstation this high by switch or lever. Any ideas? As it is, it's a real pain to go back and forth. Would obviously be easier with a laptop.
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I want to Rube-Goldberg something where the desktop is suspended from the ceiling on pulleys....
I'm thinking about that, but it needs to be stable at any height. Rails?
Pneumatic rails with a steam engine going pocketa-pocketa?
Seriously, though, if you can run dual monitors, stack one above the other, and then you just have to raise the keyboard when you want to stand.
I got excited when I saw the reasonably priced ones Katrina pointed at but none of them will adjust the 14" necessary.
Well, that was just a 5 second google search. I'm sure a more protracted one might turn up something better.
I know somebody who set up his desk to standing height, then got a "tall" office chair (think the height of a bar stool, such as a cashier might use).

Sometimes it's easier to lower the water than raise the bridge....
It is now officially a challenge to come up with a DIY solution that costs under $100.
"Drafting Chairs and Lab Stoosl" seems to be what you call the tall office chairs.
Yeah, the tall chair for a fixed standing desk seems the cheapest option.
I raised a desk with bed risers (around $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond) and bought a cool stool on closeout at Target for $30, I think. Bed risers won't help everyone, though, 'cause they come in limited sizes.
I was thinking the same as Gregory, but for that price you may as well just buy a laptop. Do a search on Maybe someone else has figured out a solution.
I would recommend flat panels mounted on a waldo, like medical monitors. They are around $100 for dual monitor wall mounts. That is what I want.
Wait... Has no one thought to ask the big question: What are you working on there? That's not MS Word.

Any solution come up in the last year and 3 months?
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