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It's surely only a matter of time before someone builds a 3d model and proves that it was more than one orange.
+Steven G probably, but who has nothing else to do, time to spend and works with 3d modelling? Other than me...
+Amanda Johnson seen one made of meat and another made of poop. It happens, now let's see someone sing the world countries song according to how many oranges there are in those locations  ^_^
Africa is far disproportionately small
Okay, I am going to monitor this thread and give out prizes for the most anal response. 
+Steven G what do you mean cover photo? xD  
P.s. Hong Kong is missing. It's where I am currently... also England doesn't look like it has Ireland bent over like a Catholic School Boy. (I'm Irish btw)
On your account hovercard +Alex Tang You have no cover picture, and you want to have one. 
Technology emperor!
+Steven G go write an article on why a Cover Photo is required - Let's stop spamming this Share xD
+Steven G lmao... That reminds me, got some Mane 'n Tail to try out soon...
Everything always arcs back to mildly concealed bestiality these days.
lol... we're being Punnished...
Left Tasmania off the bottom of Australia dammit!!
It's difficult to create Indonesian Island, isn't it? :D
why some countries is yellow and other is with?
the great art says world's a garbage!!!!
hw spritual!!!!!!
did u really do this is is it off the internet
omg going crazy tooo much free time!!!!!! must make orange peel map!!!!!
Lots of clementines - check
Lots of time - check
Good knowledge of geography - check
Creativity - check
Result - interesting shot :-)
hats off!!!!!!!!!!
hope for a pangea.... :)
its a-peal-ing someone would take that much time to make such a thing! badumching!
Impressive!! but forgot Italy!!! :P
its soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wooooowww very nice
Good creativity 
OMG are those orange peels??? Doesn't luk lyk them...ya' the very first luk..they luk just lyk the map..!!!
where is India??? I think it has joined Saudi.. :P
I borrowed and shared this on my Facebook wall.
I hope that was okay. = \
Very cool! = ]
yUK !!!! Gross what made you post such a yukky pic of Orange peels. Oh yeah I'm gonna go and eat my breakfast ahahaa!
Wow.  So how did the actual orange taste after all that cleverness was expended? :)
weird--but very cool.  Vitamin C and Geography--Wow!
It's a bit hard to find Finland here!!
wonderful idea!  clever and unusual...
Someone has to find a full time job, besides all the creativity.
Thats awsome! U could try it with something differentr next time like yes Eugene, Banana peel, or bread? THAT would be awsome! Could u try and do Iceland (JUST Iceland alone no other countries)?
No sri Lanka and Madagascar!! poor geography...
someone has to much time on there hands haha
that is a good map to learn at geography...:)
the world smells good all at a sudden
That is SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone has way too much time on their hands exactly! :-)
wow! now make betty whites face!!! lol i just get a kick out of her
just impressed
This looks like something my husband would do! Love it!
yeah tasmania is off the south coast of australia on the right side
Nice but the oceans are missing he must be cleaning them !
Talk about being bored!!! I don't think I would do this!!! Unless I was EXTEMELY bored
Talk about having nothing else to do and some big imagination followed by creativity :) I really like it! 
Good job!!! Now take really care to the real world our planet
my only question how did does someone cut a orange peel like that?
i think that´s not accurate... i dont see my country ...
oh shut up. that looks really cool(: stop being haters.
A brilliant mind leads to positive vibes...nice creativity...thinking outside the box....
its... epic, i just hope more people in the world have a mind to do something like that... it shows perspective.
What and Antarctica I'd just a lie?
It doesn't matter what side america is on, the world is round
Leo T
Annoying Orange!
someone with too much time on their hands. LOL
Love it! My son is constantly eating oranges & I find orange peals everywhere! Great job!
where java island?? and i think sumatera is bigger than new zealand,, but over all it's awesome..great!!!
this is really good..creative ...something orginal...a real post!!
u have to much time on ur hands!!!!! WAAAAAY to much!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Tough:
to the far right ... it just doesn't quite have Florida.
That is soooooo cool how ling did it tack you?????

WaW like it .... its Awesome 
waaaaaaaw it's so beautiful i loved it so much
can you do that from one orange?
next time drop some orange juice on that table so it will be perfect 
that means bu zui ba, zhe ta tou you something zi
Map of the World (^__^)  Nice!
Someone has too much time on their hands...
Finally... That world map is well proportioned. I hope everyone cane to realize why out American schools teach display an illusion.
The story about Columbus and the orange makes so much more sense now.
exacto  no somos perfectos, el mapa hecho con ese material es mas que perfecto. saludos
coooool!!!!!!! it must smell good!!!!!!! i loe the smell of oranges!!!!!!!
i mean love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh, that must've taken so much effort
it takes one with a creative mind to create something different :-)
Steven G
Thanks for all the +1 guys! 

It seems to max out at 500 comments :/