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Steven “Stubby” Dawson
I'm Stubby. I set border, margin and padding with exceptional skill using a text editor and a set of strong, manly hands.
I'm Stubby. I set border, margin and padding with exceptional skill using a text editor and a set of strong, manly hands.

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Tuesday night we'll be talking about the encyclopedic June 18th Warlords of Draenor alpha patch notes, emergent gameplay and which MMOs really lend themselves to it, upcoming content patches and agile development within persistent-world games.

In short, it's going to be a really nerdy episode...   More than usual.

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This pisses me off, man.  Not only do these guys get more support but Startup Weekends have always pissed me off because they’re just “Shark Tank” for people’s ideas.  They don’t incubate new shit, they ultimately piss all over some in favor of the others.  They don’t empower community support, they reduce the whole thing into two days and then name “winners” at the end.  A winning idea does not make you capable of being an entrepreneur.  Which one of these guys is going to talk about the fight to find funding, how to make the money last, how to deal with failure?  Teach me how to network and find new people,  how to ride out the fucking storm to get my thing airborne.  Don’t fucking treat my idea like it can be made and broken in a single day.  The lifecycle of a startup is clearly more fucking complicated than that or funding wouldn’t come in god damned rounds.

All of that and the quality of the people involved?

These are the social networking links of one of your coaches?  REALLY?  And that person is a marketer who, no doubt, advertises themselves as  “meticulous” and “detail oriented” because they’re fucking marketers...

While the other lists their previous experience as having built a successful marketing division for “a large company”.  Bitch if I built something successful I’d be fucking telling you about exactly what I built something successful for.  Hell I fucking put things on my resume that are successful that I don’t even know if they used shit I did.  I put “Less Accounting” on my damned resume and I did just a few things for the damned app because I know that marketing is opportunism.

Christ on a cracker, man.  Fuck this startup weekend and fuck Panama City in particular for this bull shit.  Less Everything not only brought a conference here which not only guaranteed attendance but also put money in the hands of local businesses.  I would love only to see just what these bitches do for Panama City and whether or not they can actually draw anybody in. 

Seriously though, I guess the only way to get Panama City to move on something is to get GCSC to have the idea first so that you can show Panama City how the best and brightest minds are going to benefit from a dog and pony show about how easy it is to be an entrepreneur with just 2 8-hour sessions with seasoned(?) coaches.

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It's raining today.  That means the Manly Hands office sounds like it's under machine gun fire.

So, obviously, it's going to be a wicked awesome day.

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Murdock. The most entertaining to watch and, frankly, the only character who could survive the transition between actors.
Alright, favorite #ATeam character and why. Go! 

I just realized I haven't been on G+ in over a month.  I blame Eric Darnell, frankly.
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