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Louder with Crowder is going live now!

We're talking Bergdahl, Spring Break and Ted Cruz. With special guest Mark Rippetoe!
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Steven Crowder

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Funnily enough, my most popular column ever.  For whatever reason, it's resonated. 
Choosing to “be offended” is the epitome of inaction. Today’s “offended” men are seen as wimpy simply because they are. Instead of harnessing whatever affront is facing them, instead of facing it head-on, dealing with the problem and coming out the other side a stronger man, Read more at
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Well said, +Steven Crowder !
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Steven Crowder

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So much win!  YES! A million times, YES!
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I love it! Perfect! 
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Baahahaha! Of course HuffPo and liberals immediately blamed Conservatives. But now that the facts are coming out...

Just how embarrassed should they be?
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When your leftists friends still blame Bush for Obama's failures... just send them this.

You missing George W. Bush yet?
Need more than 5 reasons George W. Bush was a waaaaaaay better President than Barack Obama? Well how about when even the notoriously liberal ACLU writes...
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+Custodio Lugo : The blamer in chief Obama ... The food stamps president ... Millions more on welfare .. BLAME BLAME BLAME bad mouthing this country ... bending over to other countries ... keep your Obama !!!! Let this dude move to Kenya after 2016 his home town !!!!
Like a father spanking a child! Bibi shows Megyn how a real leader behaves (Obama, you should be taking notes).

Are you happy that Netanyahu will continue to lead Israel?
"In the nine years that I’ve been in office, there’s not been a day, a day, that I haven’t..."
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+William Johnston: Ah, the 6 Million myth:

Origins of the “6 Million”

One of the biggest of the big-picture questions is this: Where did the infamous figure of 6 million come from in the first place? One would naturally presume it to be impossible to calculate the death toll in the midst of a raging world war. Even in the immediate aftermath, we would know little for certain. Surely we would not take, for example, the Nazis’ word for it; they would be inclined to either minimize the death toll or, if coerced, exaggerate it. The many camp survivors—and there were many, even discounting “free riders” who were never near any camp—would clearly not be of much help; as prisoners, they would have been in no position to know such things as overall death tolls. Therefore, one would expect a dependable answer to come only from a detailed investigation of all the death sites, including forensic data, mass grave exhumations, autopsies, and so on. This would then be compared with surviving Nazi documentation, photographs, and other evidence. A proper investigation would clearly take months, if not years. Only then could we be confident of an estimate of 6 million.

Oddly, this is not what has been done. Far from it. In fact, nearly the opposite of the above has occurred. The victorious Americans relied heavily on biased Jewish and Soviet sources, and on captured and abused Nazis. They conducted no forensic investigations, no autopsies, and no unearthing of mass graves. The Americans thus relied strictly on hearsay evidence to establish the all-important Jewish death toll. And they never took a single action to confirm the number. Their position seemed to be: If the Jews say 6 million, 6 million it is.

All this would be bad enough, but the story gets much stranger still. It turns out that the world was told of 6 million Jewish victims not only in the immediate aftermath of the war, but during the war, at the start of the war, and even before the war — in fact, decades before the war. The seemingly-impossible history of the ‘6 million’ constitutes a fascinating subtext to the larger Holocaust narrative.

Perhaps the earliest published connection between Jews and ‘6 million’ dates all the way back to 1850. The newspaper Christian Spectator (Jan 16; p. 496) printed a short article on “Spiritual statistics of the world.” They list the global population as 1 billion, of which “6,000,000 are Jews.” Two decades later, the New York Times reported similarly: “there are now living about 6,000,000 Israelites, nearly one half of whom live in Europe” (12 Sep 1869; p. 8). One may speculate that it was around this time that the number ‘6 million’ came to represent ‘all the Jews.’ Henceforth, whenever ‘all the Jews’ were under threat, the standard figure came up — as we shall see.

Just a few years later, there were already signs of trouble. The NYT reported in 1872 on the “persecution of Jews in Roumania” (Mar 23; p. 4). Gentile mobs were attacking them, and it appeared that “the blood-thirsty assailants would stop short of nothing but Jewish extermination”an early precursor of claims of German extermination that would come some 70 years hence.

Or perhaps just eight years hence. In 1880 we read a striking report on “pleas for German Jews” (Dec 20; p. 2). The article examines a speech by German philosopher Eugen Dühring, and his “effrontery to demand the extermination of the entire [Jewish] race, in the name of humanity.” The writer then speaks of petitions before the German parliament, whose purpose is “extermination—the annihilation of the Jewish race.”

But back to the subject at hand. The first mention of 6 million suffering Jews comes already in 1889. In a short article, the NYT asks “How many Jews are there?” The low estimate of “the ubiquitous race” is 6,000,000.

“With the exception of half a million,” it adds, “they are all in a state of political bondage.”

Two years later, in 1891, we read about the sorry state of “Russia’s population of 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 Jews,” and of “the fact that about six millions persecuted and miserable wretches” still cling to their religion, against all odds. Thus began a multi-year string of stories about the “6 million suffering Jews of Russia.”

Such stories would prove useful to the nascent Zionist movement, which had only recently come into being. Its mission was (and is) to encourage world Jewry to settle in Palestine. The early Zionists were thus eager to play up Jewish suffering, in order to promote mass emigration from Europe.

Referring to the Jews of Russia, noted activist Stephen Wise said this in 1900: “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism” (Jun 11; p. 7).

In 1901, the Chicago Daily Tribune reported on the “hopeless condition” of the “six million Jews in Russia” (Dec 22; p. 13).

In 1905, Zionists began to fret that “Russia, with its 6,000,000 Jews,” wasn’t promoting emigration (Jan 29; p. 2).

Periodic and often minor anti-Jewish actions were always portrayed in the most dramatic terms; the NYT despaired over “our 6,000,000 cringing brothers in Russia” (Mar 23; p. 7).

Later in 1905 came a polemic against a Russian leader who “caused 6,000,000 Jewish families to be expelled” (Nov 1; p. 2) — which is impossible, incidentally, since that would have involved some 25 million Jews.

In 1906 we read of “startling reports of the condition and future of Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews”; it is a “horrifying picture” of “renewed massacres” and “systematic and murderous extermination” (Mar 25; p. SM6). (One is tempted to ask, What it is about the Jews, such that they are subject to repeated threats of “extermination”?)

In 1910, we find “Russian Jews in sad plight,” and we are saddened over “the systematic, relentless, quiet grinding down of a people of more than 6,000,000 souls” (Apr 11; p. 18).

In 1911 the NYT reported that “the 6,000,000 Jews of Russia are singled out for systematic oppression and for persecution by due process of law” (Oct 31; p. 5). “6 million”; “systematic”; “extermination”—a clear trend is forming.

Soon thereafter, World War I began. We then begin to read of the plight of “more than 6,000,000 Jews who live within the war zone” (2 Dec 1914).

The next month carried more reports of the eternally damned, “of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the very heart of the war zone”; they are consequently “subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow,” and all Americans are called upon to help (Jan 14; p. 3).

In 1916, we read that “the world is silent” despite the fact that “nearly six million Jews are ruined, in the greatest moral and material misery” (Feb 28; p. 8).

A year later, Rabbi Samuel Schulman exclaims that “six millions of Jews are living in lands where they are oppressed, exploited, crushed, and robbed of every inalienable human right” (Jan 22; p. 6).

In May of 1917, we hear that “six million Jews — half the Jews of the world—are calling to you for help” (May 21; p. 1). By September, the situation was being described in the strongest possible terms; women and infant Jews must be saved, we are told, “if the Jewish race is to survive the terrible holocaust of the world war” (Sep 24; p. 20).

Few seem to realize that a Jewish “holocaust” is said to have occurred in both world wars.

By late 1918, the war was nearing its end. Did we have 6 million Jewish fatalities? No. Somehow they all managed to survive.

Instead of attending their funerals, we were then called upon to aid their recovery: “Six million souls will need help to resume normal life when war is ended,” writes the NYT (Oct 18; p. 12).

One might have thought that this would have been the end of the stories of the 6 million. Sadly, no.

The famed number simply shifted to a new region. In September of 1919, we find that it is now the Ukrainian and Polish Jews who are subject to misery; “6,000,000 are in peril” (Sep 8; p. 6). We are further horrified to read that “the population of 6,000,000 souls in Ukrania and in Poland…are going to be completely exterminated.”

Naturally, this is “the paramount issue of the present day.”  Once again, 6 million Jews under threat of extermination.

The trend continued for years, too numerous to elaborate. References include the following:

“unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease [for] about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth” (12 Nov 1919).

“typhus menaced 6,000,000 Jews of Europe” (12 Apr 1920).

“hunger, cold rags, desolation, disease, death — six million human beings without food, shelter, clothing” (2 May 1920).

“Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre” — again! (20 Jul 1921).

“over 6,000,000” Russian Jews “neglected” (16 Sep 1924).

This brings us to the Nazi era, where the ‘6 million’ appears once again — and long before World War II.

The first reference comes just two months after Hitler assumed power in January 1933.

The NYT reports on a “Hitler protest” vote by some local New York government officials. Rabbi Stephen Wise issued an appeal: “We in America have taken the lead in a battle for the preservation of German Jewry,” adding that his group “is now active in relief and reconstruction work in Eastern Europe where 6,000,000 Jews are involved” (Mar 29; p. 9).

Crucifixion of Jews must stop

This 1919 article by Martin Glynn refers to a catastrophe in which "six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave."

It also refers to a "threatened holocaust of human life." For full text see:
The American Hebrew, October 31, 1919: page 582.

Three years later, we read in the London Times of “6,000,000 unwanted unfortunate” Jews, and of “these 6,000,000 people without a future” (26 Nov 1936; p. 15).

On that same day, the NYT reported on a speech by British Zionist Chaim Weizmann, who “dwelt first on the tragedy of at least 6,000,000 ‘superfluous’ Jews in Poland, Germany, Austria.”

In February 1937, we hear that “five to six million Jews in Europe are facing expulsion or direst poverty” (Feb 26; p. 12).

In 1938, the NYT ran an article headlined “Persecuted Jews Seen on Increase” (Jan 9; p. 12). “6,000,000 victims noted,” they said—referring to a combined total in Germany, Poland, and Romania.

The very next month we hear about “a depressing picture of 6,000,000 Jews in Central Europe, deprived of protection or economic opportunities, slowly dying of starvation, all hope gone…” (Feb 23; p. 23).

By May, it was the “rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe today which has deprived more than 6,000,000 Jews and non-Aryans of a birthright” (May 2; p. 18).

Later that year, the London Times printed an account of the “treatment of German Jews”; “the problem now involved some 6,000,000 Jews,” they wrote (Nov 22; p. 11). Bear in mind: the start of World War II was still nearly a year away.

Into early 1939, the London Times continued to report on Weizmann’s view that “the fate of 6,000,000 people was in the balance” (Feb 14; p. 9).

War began in September of that year, and anti-Nazi propaganda accelerated.

In mid-1940, the NYT quoted Nahum Goldmann: “Six million Jews are doomed to destruction if the victory of the Nazis should be final” (Jun 25; p. 4).

This was still at least one full year before Hitler allegedly decided to begin his program of Jewish mass murder — according to our experts.

How could Goldmann have known what was to come?

In January of 1942, we read that Heinrich Himmler “has uprooted approximately 6,000,000 human beings” and shipped them into occupied Poland, “where they necessarily starve and freeze to death and die of disease” (Jan 18; p. SM10).

By mid-1942, it was “a vast slaughterhouse for Jews” in Europe; one million were reported dead, and the remainder of the “6,000,000 to 7,000,000” at risk (Jun 30; p. 7).

By December the Jewish death toll was reported as 2 million, representing one third of the 6,000,000 “in Hitler’s domain.” It was, said the NYT, “a holocaust without parallel” (Dec 13; p. 21).

The sad tale continued throughout the war years:

Hitler intends “the extermination of some 6,000,000 [Jewish] persons in the territories over which [his] rule has been extended” (London Times, 25 Jan 1943).

“Save doomed Jews,” says Rabbi Hertz; the world “has done very little to secure even the freedom to live for 6,000,000 of their Jewish fellow men” (Mar 2; p. 1). Two million are dead, “and the four million left to kill are being killed, according to plan” (Mar 10; p. 12).

“Five and a half million Jews in Europe are reported to have been put to death” (10 May 1944; p. 5) — still one full year before the end of the European conflict.

And again later: “Dr. A. Leon Kubowitzki…reported that 5,500,000 Jews had been killed in Nazi controlled countries” (Nov 27; p. 14).

Then the first definitive claim — in January of 1945, four months before the end of the war: “6,000,000 Jews Dead,” blares the headline (Jan 8; p. 17).

Jacob Lestchinsky claimed that the prewar population of 9.5 million had been reduced to 3.5 million. No mention of how he came to this figure, amidst the chaos of an ongoing war.

In April, the NYT headlined a story: “5,000,000 Reported Slain at Oswiecim [Auschwitz]”—an incredible miscalculation, even assuming the correctness of the present-day figure of 1 million.

In May we read something of an official declaration from Lord Wright of the UN War Crimes commission: “It has, however, been calculated that in all about six million Jews were deliberately slaughtered in [gas chambers] and other ways” (May 13; p. SM4).

Calculated by whom? On what basis? And using what hard evidence? He does not say.

Thus is the story of the ‘6 million.’

It has an impressive legacy. Traditional historians often emphasize that the figure came from the Germans at the Nuremberg trial that began in November 1945 — which is true. A minor functionary, Wilhelm Höttl, testified to this number early in the proceedings.

Historians like to portray this as a kind of dramatic revelation, and as “official confirmation” of the number — which is a ridiculous claim.

As we have seen, the number had been known, discussed, and anticipated for decades. And even then, in late 1945, no one had taken the smallest of steps to actually confirm such an estimate. It was pure hearsay, based on decades of propaganda.

Incredibly, even to the present day, we are no better off. We still have no hard data to confirm the ‘6 million’ — and good evidentiary reason to doubt it...
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Steven Crowder

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Yes, I'm serious. Yes, you should read this.

6 years in, do YOU think Palin would make a better president?
"Now, we're not necessarily suggesting she throw her name in the ring...What we would like to point out however, is that 6 years into the Obama Administration, Sarah Palin's resume STILL..."
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Oh thick,penis,i get it now sorry bill he makes sense and you have none
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Steven Crowder

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Huge news! Obama will be losing major sleep over this...

Are you glad to hear this?
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Yep. Only time when Ocare will be gone is when the citizens take over, and abolish the state.
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Steven Crowder

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Dana Loesch goes off as a Mamma-Bear protecting her cubs from feminist, hussy teenagers of today. How does she know? Because she used to be one. Must watch!

Are you a fan of Dana Loesch?
"I'll say a prayer for whoever my boy's future wife is going to be... We talk about empowering women, why can't we empower women to be virtuous, young...
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Steven Crowder

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BOOM! The left is already having a conniption fit! Ted Cruz is ready for the presidency. They know it, we know it. But just to make sure, here are 5 examples as to why...

Which one's your favorite?
Ted Cruz has announced his bid for the Presidency. Not only is the left furious, but they're already trying to cover up these...
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A great leader. Hahahahahahahahah! That's a good one. That gave me a good laugh today. Thank you, I needed that. +Jason ON 
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Steven Crowder

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So much win! This strong, black, Conservative woman has had ENOUGH of the left's race baiting, and lets Starbucks know in epic fashion!

Do you agree with her remarks?
"Not only do I not think that the conversation is honest, not only do I not want to have that conversation at 5:30AM before I've gotten caffeine in my body, not only do I not want to..."
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I can't wait to be started by a Starbucks clerk about race relations...
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Steven Crowder

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"What will happen when women see a man in the locker room? Where does the tolerance end and the judgment..."
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