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Spied on a local TV news website.

So local news has deemed the Trump administration as Entertainment.

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Is this something new with Google maps, out is Google saying they give up predicting when I go to work?

Last night I noticed I had forgotten to put the oil cap back on my engine when I topped off the oil last. I looked around the engine bay, couldn't find it. Assumed list. They aren't expensive so I didn't get upset. Today I go to buy a new cap. As soon as I open the hood I see the old cap sitting on the strut tower. Small amount of cutting later, old cap installed. New cap in truck in case I do it again.

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Tonight's #carparazzi thanks to a run to Green Hills.
Nice R8

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My "ohhh, shiney" diseases acted up tonight.

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I'm finding that the hardest problems I have to solve lately all have one thing in common, RHEL. People love to complain about how old Debian packages are, but nothing has prepared me for RHEL. It is really old. It also has packages that differ from everything else by more than enough to cause problems. Things that took me only a day or so under Debian to complete are turning into impossibilities without compiling from source under RHEL.


There is something about getting your patch/pull request accepted by a project.

I saw the email come in earlier about one of my recent pull requests. I knew that the policy was that the pull request should go through the CI server. When it did, it failed all the tests. Some of importance, some seem to have been configuration issues on the CI server. I commented on the failures to help speed the review up.

End of the story, the email was actually them merging my change. I did a little happy dance on that.

AT&T sent a reminder today on why I tend to turn off their mobile alerts.

I was in a meeting, and my phone blows up with one of those weather alert noises. Turns out AT&T sent messages to be alert in September. What a useless message. Then they sent another right after that to further annoy everyone.

It is bad enough there is no granular way of turning off stupid alerts. So AT&T would prefer to annoy everyone into turning off all alerts on their phones. 

Did G+ just force everyone into the new theme?

Crap, I knew this day would be coming, but I didn't want it now.

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Place where we stayed while in Old Louisville. Had the 3rd floor and loft. Really cool place. Mom wanted the pic of the windows. That was on one of the turn around spots in the stairwell.
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