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Steven Clift
Innovator, founder, global speaker
Innovator, founder, global speaker

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Loving my radio app.

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Oh so close to 50,000 downloads of my free 1 Radio News Android app. Please help me out by trying it today!!

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Great to see podcasts getting more visibility. If folks are more interest in hourly news radio, here is an alternative:

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Have you tried 1 Radio News on Android yet?

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My apps crossed the 10,000 downloads mark on its way to 100,000. :-) Try it and vote on our next free station to add to celebrate this big success.

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My news category on #opengov

Are you with a "civic tech" organization? Google's Civic Innovation Team has a survey:

I personally think this is a great opportunity and thought I'd share widely. - Steven Clift,

From: Fumi Yamazaki
Subject: Civic Tech Organization Survey

Hi everyone,

Google Civic Innovation team is conducting a survey to understand
current civic tech ecosystem and organizations, and identify
opportunities, needs and challenges for civic technology solutions.

If you are one of civic tech organizations, could you please take some
time to share your thoughts here?

Fumi Yamazaki
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