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Alright you couch potatoes (yes, I'm one too) get to work.

It an interesting piece and coincidentally/accidentally I do something along these lines this with a regime of stretching(fake yoga)/small dumbbells and jumping jacks. What do you all do to stay fit?
Surprising study: One minute of exercise at 90% of your max heart rate followed by one minute of rest ten times (twenty minutes total) had significant health benefits. This is true even if done once or twice a week, you aren't fit, and are a cardiac patient!

Also people seemed to like the more intense shorter workout better than a longer more moderate one. Seems like it is worth a shot! What have you found the best way to stay fit in the minimum time?

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Why is it that Stereolab and lazy Sunday mornings go together so well. 

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well, well, well... that's certainly an interesting image
I should probably be doing something work-related.

Data provided by Google Search. Special thanks to +Paul Allen.

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Ladies and Gentlemen!
May I have your attention please?
Do you wake every morning in shame and despair?
Only to discover perspiration is a horrid affair?
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
From now on you can waken with ease.
You need never again have a worry or care,
I will show you a miracle marvelous and rare,
Put your faith in a penguin and one in your pocket, watch your heatwave laid bare.

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Anonymous and lulzsec posts a statement to the FBI not much to disagree with in it. Articulate and bold, it's interesting to watch these groups evolve.

CHICKA CHICKA BOW wow bow bow chicka HNNNG

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I love me some Heliophysics, it's part of a complete breakfast. In early June the Sun erupted, letting loose a huge plume of plasma from its surface which then fell back down along magnetic field lines is a spectacular manner.

First heat wave of the year incoming Woop Woop!

I'm digging on the G+ mobile huddle feature. This would be AWESOME at conferences, bye bye Twitter Muahahaha. I'm assuming they will be blowing out it's mobile feature set as well.
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