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sbazyl hung out with 5 people.Van Riper, Vic Fryzel, Mike Procopio, Josh Hudgins, and Peldi Guilizzoni
Google Drive SDK Office Hours
Steven Bazyl and 5 others participated
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I need icons to tell me what files are syncing ;)
"Dieses Video ist nicht verfügbar." - "This video is not available."
+Steven Bazyl - What is the URL for the Developer API Group?

I've started going through the docs, and I've gotten lost with basic concepts such as "getting a listing of files my app can handle", so I'd love to hear about where to turn to get some pointers to my questions.

Thanks! Looking forward to using the API further.
Hmm, some thoughts on Hangouts On-Air..... awesome for interviews or scripted events, not so great for office hours :( Think we'll go back to regular hangouts for our next one! Thanks for bearing with us as we experiment here :)
As a user, I've had pretty mixed results with HoA for office hours.

I didn't know where you were looking to take questions, so I wasn't able to submit anything new.

The G+ App Dev team uses them reasonably well... but at least partly that was because when they weren't HoA they filled up to the 10 person limit and they go through the Google+ and YouTube comments during the office hours.

HoA also provides the permanent recording, which can be good. But you guys may have better solutions for that.

One possible thing to try next time if you want other people to join - start the HoA and then publish the link to the hangout. Others will be able to join the hangout using the link.

Looking forward to future office hours and working with the API! Thanks for running this.
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