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Always runnin'...on empty!
Always runnin'...on empty!

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The Washington Union High School Class of 2017 Graduation.

I want to thank the staff at Washington Unified for all of their hard work and dedication to the success of our students.

I am grateful.

Enjoy the photos!

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Isabella's last day as a Sixth Grader at West Park Elementary in Fresno, CA (sniff). She goes on to Seventh Grade in a few months (really big sniff). Thankfully, West Park is a K-8 School, so she'll return to the same school.

Sadly, Mr. Pullen won't. He's retiring. Isabella had him for two years ... Fifth and Sixth Grades. Her class and she will miss him!

Photos of Mr. Pullen and Isabella, Mr. Pullen and his classroom.

It was a very good year!
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It's Tartan Day in the Untied States (it's a legally knowledged day in California).

I'm not Scottish (Italian and Portuguese) but I do have a Tartan! It's the MacNeil of Barra!

I'm when my favorite Scots at work: Mark McPherson, Bruce Campbell, and Mr. McPotatohead!



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Share in Stephanie's journey.

Good luck, my friend!

Hi, gang!

I just want you all and the administrator of No Limits!! Fitness! to know what an awesome community you all have!

I lift and fight daily to stabilize my weight. I'm in decent shape, but always want to figure out how to beat genetics without starving myself and lean up.

Many of your members contribute very good articles, experiences and advice. For me, I enjoy the encouragement that your community gives to each other. And I find it refreshing!

Again ... you have created a really incredible community. I thank you for letting me be a part of it.

In much gratitude,

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Come take a look at this beauty (not me ... the car) at #bmwfesnogoesred as they celebrate #goredforwomen and #937kisscountryfresno with Jody Jo!

Make a donation and get a red pin!

Come on over!
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This morning's view of the majestic Sierra Nevadas from the West Park area, southwest of Fresno, CA.

I'm not too keen on the new G+ format.

What I like about the current format is that when I click on a member's photo, I can enlarge it to see better detail.

I've noticed that the new G+ format, the option to enlarge photos isn't available. Or if it is, I can't find it.

Please help me and other G+ loyalists out.


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A Pismo Beach, CA sunset taken with the #MotoZForce.

The cloud cover is not cloud cover but smoke from five area summer fires.

Not a bad photo from a phone!

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Margaret Duarte's writing brings the characters in her Sophomore book to brilliant life! She does a wonderful job developing each one ... you fall in love with them all.

I also enjoyed the setting, California's Monterey Bay and Big Sur areas. Ms. Duarte did her California history research, as she delves into the backgrounds of California's first-peoples from that area: Where they lived, what they did and how they became. I also enjoyed how she salutes her own Dutch and Roman Catholic heritage into a few of her characters. Lastly, she gives a "tip of the hat" to her own Northern California roots, mentioning places in and around the Sacramento, CA area.

Regarding the visionary fiction genre, she has developed the characters to nimbly discuss, reflect and/or act fluidly between the conscious and subconscious ... the "here and now". It struck me how subconsciously connected each character became to one another, how some characters were on the same "wavelength", so to speak, when situations arose. Again, this goes back to how well she has developed each character and how well they interact with each other.

She has captured the human spirit wonderfully!

I am not a big book reader ... typically, I can manage a 100 page or less book and call it a day.

However, Ms. Duarte has created a series (there are two at this point) of novels that absolutely captured my attention and kept me glued to the book!

If you're looking for a series that encapsulates personal growth, California history and geography, the human conscious/subconscious, vivid settings and just a great escape ... I recommend that you pick up both "Between Now and Forever" and "Between Will and Surrender" and follow the experiences of lead character, Marjorie Veil. You will enjoy the ride!
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