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Steven B. Bryant
Leaving my thumbprint on the world!
Leaving my thumbprint on the world!


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UT Austin enters the Online MS CS era!

Actually, I think this is great – seeing another top–ranked university offer an online masters degree. Before joining GT, I completed a Linear Algebra MOOC on the EdX platform offered through UT Austin. The instructors were as engaged as the best instructors from GT! So, I think they will do well. I wish them the most success as I think this is a good thing for online master degrees!

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Here's a link to some useful OMSCS orientation material (Udacity videos). Posting here, because I seem to recall that when I found it, the path wasn't jumping out at me with bright flashing lights saying "Go here." It provides a lot of useful information, especially about registration and some of the tools, like T-Square.

I think it's time to begin a new AI group (perhaps closed?). The pron is getting out of control and negatively affecting participation.

Just received this message via email. If you're interested in refreshing or building your Linear Algebra skills, consider this course. I thought it was excellent and highly recommend.
Howdy LAFFers,

You receive this message because you registered for Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers at some point during the past four years.

Registration for the Fall 2018 offering of LAFF is now open: If you did not get to complete the course in the past, this is your next opportunity. If you did complete it, then please help us spread the word. The course starts on July 31.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

LAFF long and prosper!
Robert and Maggie

Do You Live In Denver?

My wife and I are exploring moving to Denver and would love to talk with OMSCS folks from the area to hear their thoughts and perspectives about the area, activities, communities, and any other useful information one might share. Feel free to let me know how best to contact you or send me an email at

Thanks in advance!

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I’m impressed with where Google is heading with Google Duplex. Give a few of the audio clips on their blog post a listen.

New participation check. Be sure to read some posts on Piazza by Thursday.

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Artificial General Intelligence

I came across a free MIT Open Courseware course (feels more like a 2-week seminar) where they are hosting several AI leaders to talk about Artificial General Intelligence starting January 22. ‘18.

If this is something you’re interested in, consider catching the live-casts or videos (when available).

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Tom Mitchell has a new chapter posted on his website.

I had an opportunity to meet Tom Mitchell (CMU) last night in Palo Alto where he was speaking at an event. His talk on NELL, specifically on unsupervised learning from unstructured data, was very interesting. He also mentioned that a few days ago he posted a third chapter of the 2nd edition of his Machine Learning book to his website. In addition, he said to expect a fourth chapter at the end of January or in February.

Here's a link to his website if you're interested:

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