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For the past year I have been back at school. When I say school I mean Uni. When I say Uni I mean studying Evidence Based Nutrition online with Mac Nutrition Uni.

It’s been some year. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of myths busted. But most importantly lots of learning has been had.
Happily my long, worrying wait for my exam results is over.
Yesterday I received the email with the amazing words....

‘It is with great pleasure that I can now inform you that your exams have been marked and you have passed! A big well done to you, I hope you realise how much of an achievement this is!’

Yes, yes I do.

I had a terrible feeling I had failed as I totally messed up the final 2hr exam. But regardless I know 100% that I am in a much better place to further help all my existing and future clients because of Martin 'Nutrition' MacDonald and the team at The Mac-Nutrition Collective.

Many thanks and much love to all the MNU family for their help and support this past year. It’s been amazing.

I’m very happy and proud to say I can now call myself an MNU Certified Nutritionist!

#MacNutritionUni #MNU4LYF #teamscience #evidencebasednutrition #nutritionadvicemadesimple #mnucertifiednutritionist #nutritionist #nutritionologist #mythbuster #alwayslearning #personaltrainer #manchester
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Here's a sample of some of the exercises that I've used recently in my Burn 1000 class down at JD Gyms Salford.
JD Gyms very own HIIT class. Burn 1000 is a bespoke, high intensity, boot camp style class that is designed to burn off up to 1000 calories in the hour long class.
Intense doesn't even begin to explain it. A fun class where you definitely get out what you put in.
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I find these Forearm Supported Handstands are a great progression to help achieve freestanding handstands.
They work by helping you understand how little your corrections need to be to maintain your balance, they help with whole body connection. To much correction at the hands means you have to compensate higher up the chain.
They simply just make you better on your hands!
As with most gymnastic exercises even these are scalable. If you want to make these a little easier you can increase the height of whatever you are using as support. I tend to recommend step boxes as they are quite easy to adjust to track your progress.
Give them a try, they really are a cool little drill.
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Kettlebell Windmills are an awesome exercise that place great focus on mobility, stability and strength. They are perfect for toning and strengthening the core muscles. But, they also require quite a good level of co-ordination to be able to perform with skill. Mainly due to the complexity of hip hinging and simultaneous spinal rotation.

To perform a windmill correctly requires good mobility and stability around the shoulder and thoracic areas, as well as fairly good hamstring flexibility, with out which they will prove to be very challenging.

But here’s the cool thing about windmills.

Providing you only work to the range of your own mobility, windmills will actually help to improve all these areas. They will help with your hamstring flexibility. They will help with the mobility and stability around the thoracic spine. They will help to make your core stronger.

In the clip I demonstrate 3 different variations of the windmill.

• Conventional Windmill
• Stiff Legged Windmill
• High and Low Windmill

They all have varying degrees of difficulty.

Certainly the ‘Conventional Windmill’ will be the easiest to master. Only once your mobility and flexibility has improved should you attempt the ‘Stiff Legged Windmill’. The ‘High and Low Windmill’ can be attempted once you are confident enough in maintaining good form on slightly easier conventional windmill.

There are some recurring tips that will help with all of these variations.

• Maintain eye contact with the Kettlebell overhead. This will help control the arm.
• The Kettlebell holding arm should remain locked at the elbow throughout.
• Never look at the floor. Or out in front.
• Only ever work as low as your mobility will allow.
• Hinge at the hips. Never just bend over.
• Squeeze the glutes tight as you return to standing.
• Take your time and never rush them. Technique. Technique. Technique.

One final thing to remember is that Windmills are not just a ‘touch the floor and stand back up exercise’. They require skill, patience, and precision to perform properly. If you can manage that, then you will do little wrong to add this awesome exercise into your bag of tricks.
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS, is one of the most common endocrine disorders in women of a reproductive age. It could be the cause of infertility, miscarriage, excessive levels of testosterone (hyperandrogenism), absence of menstrual period (amenorrhea), excessive hair growth (hirsutism), acne, insulin resistance, type II diabetes, and sleep apnoa. Many women with PCOS are overweight or obese which also means they have a higher prevalence of numerous cardiovascular diseases.

Lifestyle management is the first line of treatment for women diagnosed with PCOS, with the focus being on weight loss and prevention of weight gain, including both diet and exercise.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just going on a diet and doing a little bit in the gym.

65-80% of women with PCOS also have insulin resistance. Research shows that these women tend to have a lower BMR than those who just have PCOS without insulin resistance. It also shows that it could mean a difference in BMR of up-to 40%. Think of how hard that could make dieting. For instance, you may think that your BMR is 1400 kcals/day, where as after being diagnosed with PCOS and tested, your BMR could actually be as low as 900 kcals/day.

How much harder will you have to diet now?

It also explains why so many women who suffer with this horrible disorder struggle to lose weight.

However, there are a few nutrition guidelines that may help with regards to managing the long term consequences of PCOS.

• Low GI diets may improve menstrual regularity, cholesterol levels, quality of life and reduce insulin resistance.
• Higher protein diets may improve depression and self esteem as well as aid weight loss.
• MUFA-enriched diets may lead to greater weight loss. (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids)

Energy restriction and weight loss are the two most important factors to improve PCOS symptoms. As little as 5-10% weight loss has been shown to reduce insulin resistance and testosterone levels as well as improving body composition and cardiovascular risk markers.

Is there an optimal diet?

Honestly I don’t think there is, as an individualized approach should be taken involving diet and lifestyle modification, medications and possibly supplements, such as Vitamin D.

Looking at the research there is some promise though that a low GI diet whilst increasing the protein and MUFA content may help.

#nutrition #evidencebasednutrition #nutritionadvicemadesimple #pcos #polycysticovarysyndrome #endocrinedisorder #weightloss #caloriesmatter #MacNutritionUni #alwayslearning #nutritionologist #personaltrainer #manchester
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Turkish Get-Ups are such a good exercise that have so many benefits.
• Improves strength, stability and mobility in the shoulder.
• Improves rotational strength which is great for so many sports.
• Improves awareness of body positioning.
It's one of those exercises where you really have to mentally be switched on. Speaking from experience, a Kettlebell and your head don't go together very well.
Some tips for you:
• Take your time with them.
• Focus on your form, and perfect your technique.
• Keep an eye on the Kettlebell throughout, it will help you keep control of your arm and the Kettlebell.
• Don't be a douche and try it with two kettlebells in one hand until you are confident with performing the TGU with heavier kettlebells.
I'm pretty pleased with these considering it's been so long. Just wish the gym had heavier kettlebells so I didn't have to put 2x16kg together.
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My latest blog post is on the the fat producing, appetite hell raising devil hormone we call Insulin.

In it I discuss three of what I think are the main reasons why the whole 'Insulin Hypothesis' is not quite what all the low-carb / anti-carb zealots will tell you.

Basically, don't believe all you read and hear.

#nutrition #evidencebasednutrition #nutritionadvicemadesimple #insulin #myths #mythsthatdontdie #mythbuster #stopspreadingBS #nutritionologist #MacNutritionUni
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Here's my latest presentation for my nutrition group. Check it out on Facebook: Nutrition advice made simple.
This presentation is on Macronutrient Theory, giving you knowledge of the basics.
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As dips go Bulgarian Dips are by far and away one of the more difficult variations to get to grips with. But in my opinion definitely one, that if your connective tissues are up to it, to add into your dip trickery
As with all slightly more advanced gymnastic/calisthenic exercises there are progressions to follow to be able to do this without running the risk of injury. So don't be a douche, just because you can do weighted dips, don't assume you can do these.
Bulgarian dips are thought to be a great foundation exercise to build up to begin Iron Cross training, so that should give you an idea how tricky they are to get right.
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Checkout my latest #gymnasticwod. It's a good one.

'Bear the Brunt'
5 Rounds For Consistency
Hollow Body Rocks x 20 reps
Dumbell Maltese Press x 10 reps
Single Bar Push-Ups x 5 reps

Perform 5 rounds/reps of the above exercises. Aim for prefect technique and consistency in movement.

This Gymnastic WOD is aimed at an intermediate level, but it isn't overly taxing. The reasoning for the level is mainly due to the selection of Hollow Body Rocks and the Maltese Press. If you struggle with these exercises you can scale them back accordingly.
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