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IOW love it

Performing at Torquay Holiday Village in Devon tonight

Police came round to my house today, and told me that my dog was chasing someone on a bike.
I told them it cant be my dog, as my dog doesn't even have a bike.

Heading to Devon should take 6 hours. Hoping not to hit V festival traffic. Performing at Ruda Holiday park tonight

I was walking behind Adele the other day when I noticed that a piece of paper had fallen from her pocket, it turned out to be her Shopping list, it read simply: "salad"Guess it's easier for her to write the stuff she doesn't want

BBC News: "In the Liverpool riots, children as young as 12 have been involved in looting in the city centre".This is just getting ridiculous. I mean, whos looking after their kids?

Petrol bombs used in Tottenham riots...They could have saved money and bought some C4 instead.

My wife was in the bathroom for hours getting dressed to go out when finally she swung the door open and said "tell me honestly, am I too fat for this?"To which I replied "yes, but don't feel bad, it's quite a small bathroom.

Went to Weight Watchers last night. Opened a pack of maltesers and threw them all over the game of hungry hippos I've ever seen!
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