I think mapping is one of the great breakthrough technologies the Internet has enabled, so I grabbed ForeverMap2 this morning for my Kindle Fire. I was surprised that it quickly geolocated me (based on my cable modem's IP address).

The UI is simple, clean, uncluttered -- unlike Mapquest, which also is available for the Kindle Fire. Maps are a bit slow to download and initially render, but very fast after that -- they appear to be SVG or something similar, not blocks of bitmaps.

Routing from the condo to work was extremely fast but offered only one route (as does Mapquest).  Google and iOS maps offer three. The route it offered is close to what I drive, a bit counterintuitive, as it goes through Savannah's historic district, but actually the fastest. Mapquest wants me to drive through Thunderbolt, which gets very congested.

The map database considers tidal salt marshes to be water (which they are, twice a day) so the map looks quite different from those drawn by other apps, and the island where I live looks like an actual island and not part of the mainland. 

It's not as fully featured as Mapquest or the older version of Google Maps that I have sideloaded. There are few points of interest and no satellite views. Like Mapquest, you can make maps available offline, but you have to pay for them, and since the KF doesn't have GPS it's not useful for navigation.

I'll keep it, though. Can't have too many maps.
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