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Do not mince words with an Irish politician, unless you want to be mincemeat.
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Absolutely amazing :) 

[edit] I wish I had more time to study USA history and politics, but sometimes I think I might be afraid of know everything about it ^^
He is confusing the issue Obamacare he equates universal coverage with with universal care. They are not one and the same. As the cost of the health care law has gone up the amount of health care they can purchase has decreased. So is 
His second point about using fear and scare tactics. All politicians use that. While Romney and Ryan have a real plan. Obama hasn't provided any constructive second terms plans. It is just mediscare tactics and tax returns. 
I find it very ironic that the Irish President attacking the tea party. Ireland is one of the most free market countries in the world.  Ireland has some of the lowest taxes around 11%. Unlike the US they actually pushed forward spending cuts, real ones not a decline of the rate of spending which in the US qualifies as cut . The irony is that Ireland has accomplished a lot of things that the tea party only dreams about.  
+David Williams have you seen what Ireland has gotten out of it, in terms of unemployment, debt, growth, and standard of living measures like child poverty? Meanwhile look at what happened to French government bond interest rates after they elected a socialist supermajority and announced a 75% top tax bracket.
+James Salsman Have I seen what Ireland has gotten out of it? Ireland in 1990 was on the poorest countries in the world. They slashed government spending taxes and by all measures they have had lower unemployment higher wages lower poverty  and over the past 20 years one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

Meanwhile in France  the poor are rioting and the rich are leaving. If high taxes are so good for the poor and the middle class why middle class moving to states and countries with the highest tax rates? 
+David Williams You clearly know nothing about ireland and our economy other than some 'dogma'
Our corporate tax is low but our income tax rates are not paticulalry low, also the spending cuts are further damaging our already decimated domestic economy  and harming the most vulnerable members of our society.  
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