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man, can't wait to see that thing. REAL innovation, not just the "same old tired tech they've had the last 5 years with a new gimic screen, or a new feature (siri)" to confuse the less than intelligent fanboy customers too un-bright to notice there's nothing really there.

Android 4, 12Mp camera. quad core 1.5 on chip LTE (granted I'll have to wait before my carrier makes full use of that, but hey), 2GB ram, only 8mm thick, 720p and something like a 4.8-5" display... man that thing is going to be sweet!!!

Just in time for my birthday (yea!)
Mar. 21, 2012 - After not making an appearance at MWC2012 just like Samsung said it wouldn't, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3 may finally have been spotted. Over at GSM
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