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Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.
Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

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Got my Certificate for completing Machine Learning… Highly Recommended (if that's your thing)

To sum it up - you learn to write algorithms that create formulas from a given dataset.  It tests a hypothesis, makes changes and then retests it again to see how far off it is, until (given the constraints you set) it reaches it's "ideal" formula.  There are three basic spells (yes, wizardry going on here) that you can use, Linear Regression (a straight line through the data points), Logistic Regression (a curve - as complex as you want but beware of being too complex) and Neural Networks (an entirely different animal).  There are two strong cases to make for this class.  First, they do a fantastic job with the programming - you submit your program as tiny functions and it checks that the function works by running different data sets through your function.  This means there's no rigid programming style - you can use your own techniques.  The second is the amazing job that the professor does of going over real-world problems and issues that arise.  One of the programs you write, takes in handwritten numbers and "learns" to recognize other handwritten numbers from it.  He covers things like anomaly detection, recommender systems (think Netflix or Amazon) and clustering too.

The programming is done using Octave, which I had never used at the start of this class, but was able to pick up using gnu's website [].  There's a lot of mathematical concepts that I wasn't familiar with but by poking around at the KhanAcademy I was able to get everything I needed to know.  Since you're there to learn as opposed to compete with the other students, you're allowed to take and re-take the quizzes or resubmit homework as many times as you need.  I found it helpful to review concepts or try to speed up my programs using this, even after I had aced the assignment.  Professor Andrew Ng did a great job of taking what could be seen as very difficult concepts and turned them into something you can really sink your teeth into with a feeling that you were capable of pursuing it.  He's a truly amazing teacher.

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[I originally sent this to my uncle but feel everyone should be warned]

...before starting the hard work of brain building exercises, it's best to get your snacks together, have a pitcher (or two) of cold beverages handy, a hand towel and a bowl of ice.  It's very important to ensure you can scream obscenities without being disturbed while you clean your headset, ice your thumbs, fluff the pillows on that easy chair because…

FINALLY!  There's undeniable proof that video games are good for your brain - spread the word…

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+1 for the dark side

Darth Vader gettin his buzz on!

#starwars #darkbeer 

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Arduino… giving computers access to RL, since 2005

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Reid Hoffman Kiva board member, founder of LinkedIn & co-author of recently released The Startup of You.

It looks like you get a free $25 to lend just for signing up… I've been contributing to Kiva for several years now and I'm a firm believer of helping out entrepreneurs in poor countries to pull themselves out of poverty.

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This is pretty cool - G+ is like Twitter in that you can add anyone to your circles and follow them. With FB you have to friend them and they you but public posts on G+ are just that. Sometimes difficult to decide who to follow. +Alireza Yavari has put together categories of people that are leaders in their industry and you can pick who you want to follow to keep abreast of trends.
Just love what +Alireza Yavari is doing for Google+ by creating collections of recommended users:

There's also this resource:

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+Simon Laustsen created a great little cheat sheet for G+

for more information you can visit the Google+ Tutorials website at:


I'm seeing all these headlines on how to overcome summer boredom. Since I believe that these articles are written to kill time for those of us that think it's better dead, I don't bother reading them.

When my brother exclaimed that he was bored, I quoted Dale Carnegie with:

"throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours."

I explained that hard work never killed anybody, to which he responded with "Even so, I'm not comfortable with that level of risk."

What's to overcome???

I wish I was bored.

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How to import your Facebook friends list to Google+.


* Import contacts from facebook to yahoo
* export those contacts as a Yahoo CSV file
* Import them into Google+

Here's the video complete with and opening ad…

How to transfer your Facebook friends to Google+ all at once
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