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Steve Vose (Rabid Outdoorsman)
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Steve Vose (AKA The Rabid Outdoorsman) is a Registered Maine Guide, outdoor writer, blogger, photographer and lover of Maine's woods and waters. Through his writing, he shares hunting, fishing & general sporting information with others passionate about the great outdoors. When able to find time in his hectic schedule, he even manages to do a little bit of guiding, where he takes great pride in introducing others to the rugged beauty of the Maine wilderness.
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Skydived, Swam in the Mediterranean, Scuba Dived the Great Barrier Reef, Climbed Aconcagua
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Rabid Outdoorsman
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Mom's First Turkey
After years of pursuit, Mom finally dropped the hammer on this Jake (11.5 lbs) on May 15th, 2015 at 6:30 AM. I was very happy to have been there during the event, providing purrs, yelps and clucks of encouragement to get the shy Jake to walk (hobble) the fi...
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May and June Have this Sportsman Talking Turkey
This short article was published in the Sportsman Alliance of Maine (SAM) May/June 2015 Newsletter . . . enjoy! My boots strip dew from the tall grass leaving behind ghostly footprints that will disappear soon after the sun crests the horizon. Not a single ...
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Owls Head Lighthouse - Photo Tour

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Turkey Season 2015 - Shot Video and Pictures
Turkeys were coming in well until at about 25 yards the two young jakes become alerted when I draw my bow. While I attempt to center on the rapidly departing twosome the yards quickly add up and my brain attempts to calculate arrow drop and lead. In the end...
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Wildlife Quiz - The Meadow Vole
The meadow vole ( Microtus pennsylvanicus ), known also as the field mouse, boasts an incredible home range, found throughout the United States and even as far north as Alaska and northern sections of the Yukon. Meadow voles may be found in a wide diversity...
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Brook Trout and Turkey Down East
The month of May presents the last chance anglers have to chase brook trout before the waters warm by months end, making this species nearly impossible to catch. Two spectacular locations to pursue this endeavor are Simpson and Norse Ponds. Not only are the...
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