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Steve Vose (Rabid Outdoorsman)
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Steve Vose (AKA The Rabid Outdoorsman) is a Registered Maine Guide, outdoor writer, blogger, photographer and lover of Maine's woods and waters. Through his writing, he shares hunting, fishing & general sporting information with others passionate about the great outdoors. When able to find time in his hectic schedule, he even manages to do a little bit of guiding, where he takes great pride in introducing others to the rugged beauty of the Maine wilderness.
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Skydived, Swam in the Mediterranean, Scuba Dived the Great Barrier Reef, Climbed Aconcagua
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Hunting Whitetails from Ground Blinds
Author with 8-Point Buck from 2014 Maine Deer Season As I “mature”, I am less and less interested in deer hunting from elevated tree stands. While these devices allow a hunter to climb high into the tree canopy, well out of the visual range of most whitetai...
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Going to the Dogs, Hounding Bear with Spaulding Lake Outfitters
The echoing chorus of the pack, suddenly fractures the early morning silence and the chase is on. My heart rate quickens as the howls of the excited hounds reaches crescendo, indicating they are hot on the trail of a bruin. Early game camera pictures had in...
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Wildlife Quiz - American Woodcock
The American Woodcock ( Scolopax minor ), also known simply as Woodcock or Timberdoodle, inhabits forests, brushlands and agricultural areas throughout the United States and Canada. A migratory creature by nature, Woodcock spend the cold winter months in th...
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Wood Duck Hunting with Dad
I took Dad out this past weekend for a bit of duck hunting and in the process, I think I blew the poor guys mind. Though he certainly shot ducks in the past, his last experience waterfowl hunting occurred almost 40 years ago. In his youth, a majority of his...
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The Old Man Shoots a Moose
Article featured in The Maine Sportsman Magazine, September 2015 Special Edition Sitting in the hot and crowded gymnasium in Rangeley, I almost fell out of my seat when I heard the old man’s name called over the loud speaker. After over 20 years of applying...
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