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Table of Contents

A girl's-own steampunk adventure series serialised in weekly parts. The second Harriet & Khuwelsa Edgbaston story.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:
Part 13:
Part 14: _to come_
Part 15: _to come_
Part 16: _to come_
Part 17: _to come_
Part 18: _to come_
Part 19: _to come_
Part 20: _to come_

#steampunk   #voidships   #sf   #scifi  
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Steve Turnbull

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#boost  (if you're in LA)
Hey Los Angeles! Here is a really rare opportunity to see me performing live puppetry. There’s a ton of brilliant puppeteers in LA and some of us are getting together for a Puppet Slam.     Ninja Puppet Productions presents the LA Puppet Slam…
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Steve Turnbull

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This artist has some excellent Dieselpunk.

Of course the 20s-40s period was about world war and that's really something we just can't escape.
Another tutorial for my personal series . In this issue (Volkstrum-16hk Droid Tutorial) you will learn about : -Initial Concepts -Image Composition -Color Script -Lighting -Atmosphere -References -...
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Steve Turnbull

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I particularly like the way this one tells a story...
Bounty Hunter by Rafael Nascimento on ArtStation.
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Steve Turnbull

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Monster Mondays: The Mummy
If you want to share your own Monster Monday, pop on over here and put your post on the list. Today, I'm talking about The Mummy, that plodding evil creature that, in a lot of cases, wants to strangle anyone his master sets him on. I've seen mummies used in...
If you want to share your own Monster Monday, pop on over here and put your post on the list. Today, I'm talking about The Mummy, that plodding evil creature that, in a lot of cases, wants to strangle anyone his master sets ...
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Steve Turnbull

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Multi -Punk Genres Differentiated

Pretty good. My main disagreement is that Verne, Wells et al were not steampunk because they were writing during the period in question.

The various past-punks are retro-futurism looking back to look forward along a different route.
With the huge box office success and critical acclaim of Mad Max: Fury Road, it is no wonder it is so often coming across our news feeds. However, there has been some misinformation passed around that we wanted to address…the vehicles in Mad Max are not “badass steampunk vehicles with weird and ...
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There hasn't really been much 1960s variants, a sort of taking the future as imagined by Gerry Anderson and going forward from there.
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Steve Turnbull

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I don't make a big thing of it - although it does come up in my Rocking Self-publishing podcast interview this week - but all my steampunk stories are not only in the same universe but there are elements that tie them all together.

Although I'm writing the last in the Maliha Anderson series. It's not the end of her story. And there are several other characters, including ones from books that have yet to be written, who will recur later.

But my reason for writing this post is that, this evening, I suddenly saw the future of Harriet Edgbaston and her sister Khuwelsa, and how it fits with the other tales.
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Steve Turnbull

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Okay. This. While I suspect most people I know understand this, it needs to be said.

Don't be a dick is the rule, this explains the rule.

(I can't count the number of times I've written a comment and then said to myself "Does this help?" "No." and then deleted it. The trick is knowing when it should be deleted.)

Spread it around folks.
How to Nerd Like an Adult 101 - Part 1:

It's okay to let people like things. Even things you don't like. And it's more than okay to let them like things you don't like without telling them you don't also share that enthusiasm.

Because when people talk about the things they love, they are looking to make connections with other people who love things, not to be told they are wrong or foolish for liking the things they do.

Before deciding to chime in a conversation between enthusiastic people talking about the thing they enjoy, be it sports, a given kind of music, a TV show or a game, ask yourself this:

Is what they like harmful? If yes, are you sure? Not harmful to your conception of good or bad but actually perpetuating some immediate social, physical or mental evil?

Unless the people in question are grooving on stabbing other people, some kind of shaming or being otherwise cruel to others, the answer to that is almost always 'No'.

You're a grown up. You have the capacity to judge between 'distasteful to me' and 'actually harmful'. Use it.

And if the answer is 'no', then I propose something that nobody ever tells anybody in the geek world or the Internet in general. Just shut up. Deal with it. Walk away and talk to people about the stuff you like. Or leave that online conversation alone.

Because I assure you, nobody who is having fun talking about the thing they love cares you don't like it just as a matter of personal taste. And you can only annoy them and make yourself look like a jerk (because, you know, you're being a jerk) by making sure that the conversation is turned to how much you hate whatever it is they like.
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Wheaton's Law. Don't be a dick.

It is one thing to ask questions because you don't understand. It's another to put down something someone else likes because you don't. 
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Steve Turnbull

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Don't know if this site has been mentioned but it just came across my radar...
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Good find. That's going into my feedly for later browsing.
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Steve Turnbull

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Rafel doesn't do Dieselpunk exclusively - he's a concept artist - but he has a couple of nice pieces that fit the description.
Charge by Rafael Nascimento on ArtStation.
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Steve Turnbull

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Charles A Cornell’s Definition of Dieselpunk:

The retro-futuristic themes and aesthetics reflecting the politics, society, culture and technology from the 1920s to 1940s, expressed in creative form in order to project to others the future as those in this past era might have seen it, or to convey to others how this era’s vibe would look like in a future imaginary world.
In my last post, 'What is Punk Fiction?' I talked about retrofuturism and the punk aesthetic. To me, retrofuturism is at the heart of differentiating a work of punk fiction from its associated genr...
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Totally agree .. with definión Mr. Cornell, but for me, and is my personal and purely amateur opinion, I fascinated by these concepts, I think dieselpunk term, as that covering and as defined in Mr. Cornell, from 1930-1945, it is the period that I like to develop themes related steampunk, excuse my English ... thank you and kind regards
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Steve Turnbull

Discussion  - 

I'm supposed to be giving a talk on diversity in Steampunk, I have managed to acquire a list of books with the help of the hive mind :-)

But giving people a list of books is not a talk (or discussion which is what I'd prefer it to be).

I am at a disadvantage: I'm an old white cis-male who can't deny the fact he's privileged (even if I can write about people of colour, and those all over the gender spectrum).

I don't know the right questions that need to be asked. That's why I need help.

Why is diversity important?

Who is it important to?

What are the literary barriers to diversity?

What questions should I be asking?

(Why this picture? Because it's the only one I could find that fits a scene in my book Halo Round the Moon.)
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Sorry folks forgot to say thanks for the advice and general helpfulness. Thanks!
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