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Pay attention, not interest!
Pay attention, not interest!

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DON'T start by asking your #podcast guest, "How are you doing today"! Start the same way you end the show...

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YAY! I might actually be able to make this one!
Your podcast has its own website or some place online where a listener or viewer can go to get more information about your show but how well does it serve your audience?

Can you play the episode on your website? Can you download the .mp3 file? Can you subscribe to the show on iTunes and beyond? 

What are the other features every podcast website should have when a listener shows up?

Join Ray Ortega, +David Jackson +Daniel J. Lewis and others to discuss our favorite podcast website features. 

Join us at! to participate in the chat!

If you can't watch the live-stream, no worries, the archive will be immediately available at

The audio-only podcast version as well as the archived video (including all past Rounds) can be seen at

You can subscribe to the RSS mailing list ( to get new Rounds delivered to your inbox automatically.

Thanks and I can't wait to see you on a future Roundtable! 

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I'm about to put my latest podcast episode together. It has a dozen pieces of content, music, and bumpers.

Want to watch?

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Carey Green from will share tips for how he and his team craft show notes with a focus on SEO and readability.

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Join +Steve Stewart and me for a #blab #webinar tomorrow night at 9:30 PM EST discussing best home buying practices. Hope you can join us and I look forward to answering your questions.

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I got to sit down (virtually) with one of my heros, THE Chris Hogan, to talk about his new book "Retire Inspired".

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Hi everyone. Dustin Hartzler hits a BIG milestone tomorrow. It will be exactly 5 years since launching Your Website Engineer podcast.
It's all about WordPress AND HE HASN'T MISSED A WEEK YET!

Would you please send him a congratulatory message tomorrow either on his website or Twitter? (He is @DustinHartzler)

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This won't be a webinar about microphones, mixers, or recording tricks. I'm going to take you from "I have my podcast recorded, now what?" - to - "Look! I'm featured in iTunes' New and Noteworthy!" 

Don't miss this:

• How to label your files for SEO and discoverability
• Where to create great looking episode artwork
• Hosting with libsyn (and how to get the first month free!)
• How to list your show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio
• Installing a podcast player on your WordPress site

This webinar is brought to you by my Audacity Workshop, where I teach you how to edit quicker - so you can spend more time doing the things you want instead of futzing around your computer for hours.

Register for my free course and receive invites to exclusive webinars, like this, with industry leaders

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Rob is a busy guy today. He will be on this webinar and then taking a seat on the Podcasters' Roundtable later in the afternoon. 

Y'all better wear your libsyn #podcaster  t-shirts if you got 'em
More people own Android devices than Apple devices - and millions of people still don't know what a podcast is. How do we make is super-easy for a prospective audience to find our show in the sea of podcasts?

Rob Walch says having your own podcast app is the way to go.

Rob has the stats to prove that more and more people are consuming podcasts on their smartphones every month. Why not make it easy to discover your niche podcast in an app store when someone is looking for your subject?

I have a smartphone app through libsyn, so I can testify about what it took to have the app designed and how it is used.

But Rob Walch is the expert - he will proselytize about the benefits of having your own app.

Want to see what libsyn apps look like? Download mine:
IOS version:
Android version:

Rob Walch's app for his Today in IOS Podcast:
IOS version:
Android version: Well, isn't it obvious why he doesn't have an Android app for Today in IOS?

This webinar is free to view and a replay will be available for 36 hours. After that it will be available inside the Full Studio Access level of The Audacity Workshop at

Sign up to receive invites and reminders of upcoming webinars - as well as get access to 10 free video tutorials - at
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