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You see what I want you to see....
You see what I want you to see....

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Hey +Jason Howell​ the last paragraph of this article shows how to control "sensitive" notifications on the lock screen like +Derek Ross​ demonstrated. 

Hey +T-Mobile​,
You like suggestions right? When a customer buys something online, they are accustomed to instant email order confirmations.
I just ordered a smartwatch on your website (while not logged in to my account) and didn't get an order email confirmation. After waiting a few minutes I submitted again and still didn't get a conformation email (but saved my email confirmation page and order number the second time.)
My 20 minute call to 611 brought me 2 reps, one who couldn't find my order, put me on hold, and apparently transferred me to some other rep who also couldn't find my online order. I went back on hold, spoke to rep #2 again who assured me that there was only one order.
I have two pending charges for the total amount.
This wouldn't happen with email confirmations (no it isnt on my spam.) 

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PSA: We don't care that the 5.9" display is too big for you. Whining about it won't change anything. Vote with your wallet and don't buy the phone. I'll be thrilled that you aren't bogging down the server on launch day. 

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Running into some difficulties in the basement. I can collect a few items (different tried collecting different items each time I start the chapter,) but after a couple minutes I get stuck. I am standing in front of the cooler but can't interact with the environment. I can't click on anything except I get messages like (paraphrasing) "the elevator is still descending" "I don't want to look in the cooler". I can click the vise, but it is locked up so it just vibrates. I can't zoom on the globe anymore. I can't interact with the paint can or oil can box. Basically anything I could interact with before getting stuck is inaccessible. I can look around the room but can't move around it. 
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