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Steve Sheetz
I'm a simple man. I love my family first, Seahawks second. Everything else, just get in line.
I'm a simple man. I love my family first, Seahawks second. Everything else, just get in line.

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Forgive me this one indiscretion. This isn't NFL related, but more NFL Trash Talk Community related. I read it today and immediately thought of ALL of you.


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The most beautiful place to watch great football! 

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My ol' Corolla died and it was time to move on. Meet my new Nissan LEAF. Driving electric is noticeably different than driving a combustion engine, but I'm really impressed with this car! 
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Loved hearing the crowd boo Goodell. That clown has got to step down before he tarnishes the league any more. 

Atlanta blew a 21 point lead in the Super Bowl (more than twice the previous record) and then lost on the very first drive of the very first overtime in Super Bowl history.

Most epic failure in Super Bowl history. 

Fuck you, Atlanta. You had one job, and you let the whole country down.

Congratulations, New England! 

First OT in Super Bowl history! 

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Since the Patriots have the ball (no football being played), I'll throw this out there:

Where y'all eat more? 
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Super Bowl Sunday
Other (comment below)
Super Bowl Sunday
Other (comment below)

I'm just going to let y'all know, at our house we aren't throwing an "official" Super Bowl party since the 'Hawks aren't playing. BUT my wife, +Lieolani Sheetz​​ has really outdone herself with an amazing spread for the 11 people here. Jalapeño Popper dip, cucumber rolls, hoagies, Far Out dip (not sharing the recipe)... I could go on, but the game's back on. Thanks, babe! 
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