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i need #investing #investment #accounting circles to share my passion with, share circles you may have. :)
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you can just got to one of your circles and click share, to make a post about it. at the moment im out, no funds. im attending school for finance and accounting for my bachelors to start off. how about you?
Cool I'll check that out. I trade almost exclusively options, some directional some high probability spreads, in my spare time I am a mechanical engineer/consultant.
some of that confused me, haha, I'm still in my first year but engulf myself in financial news, so still learning. :) Very interesting, do you like your profession?
Haha, yeah engineering can be fun. Plenty of stress, red tape and people constantly trying to prove you wrong though. Trading was very confusing at first, but actually, most of the people that I know that are successful at it aren't big shot school guys. Most of them were 2 year university people. Schools dont teach this kind of stuff....but they should!
Great pride when you are right though I am sure.
It is very daunting, but I find it so interesting. Schools should but in my current studies for the year i'll be walking out as a Certified Financial Planner and my canadian securities course, and it does have some valuable information as far as all the basics and what not. I'd say no solid knowledge after the trade button has been pressed though, haha but we do participate in trade sessions and portfolio challenges which is nice along with an accounting background with financial analysis.
I've thought about doing that for awhile as a career switch. What do you plan on doing with your degree when you are done? One of the best feelings I have ever had actually came from trading, I was completely wrong about market direction, and still made money using options. Portfolio challenges? I am intrigued, tell me more por favor.
To be honest I'm not sure, i've just started in the diploma programs and have yet to move into my bachelors and perhaps masters, but I know I love business and continue to enjoy the topics i'm being taught. I would think financial analysis or a managerial accounting position. I wish I had the funds to begin trading, I have an investment account but I only ever use my practice one, so far some pretty decent decisions but a few clear cut obvious ones, other then some venture ones mainly in exploration here in Canada. As far as the portfolio challenges, I can post a link of what the Finance course is all about, and if you'd like you can read some of the course descriptions. Has to do with investment management, risk management, exploring each type of investment, the market, etc. etc. its only 4 semesters, and then you can move into an advanced, and then bachelors. I'm sure there is Finance courses around you, whether at a local university or college. Most diploma programs can be taken fully online as well through your institution.
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