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Steve Scott
Internet Marketing Educator, SEO Trainer, Consultant, Coach and Speaker. Owner of the Tampa SEO Training Academy & Starship Internet Marketing.
Internet Marketing Educator, SEO Trainer, Consultant, Coach and Speaker. Owner of the Tampa SEO Training Academy & Starship Internet Marketing.

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Phone Lines are open... 877-736-7361 x711

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One hour left before the the phone are open for Ask the Expert.  Get those questions ready!

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Trying to figure out how to use WordPress? My 2 Day Hands on Class will show you the answers you've been looking for. Limited seating still available.

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It sure is starting to look a lot like 2002 for Google Search.  What are your thoughts?
Google is removing more and more "fluff" from the search results. I shared some of my thoughts about it.

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Answering calls until 1pm.  877-736-7361 x704
Go ahead and ask anything you need to know about SEO. For Free!

All the trainers in the +Search Engine Academy are having a one-day, ask us anything event tomorrow, Friday, August 29th from 9 am to 1 PM ET
More details below in the note from SEA founder +John Alexander :

Maybe you have a question about why your Web site is 
not more visible on Google?

Maybe you have a technical question about linking or about 
Information Architecture?

Maybe you're curious about the top influencing SEO factors on Google.

There is no SEO question too basic or too advanced.

Whatever your SEO question is, feel free to mark Friday August 29th on your calendar as your time to get your SEO related question answered.

Now meet Friday's on-call team of Master SEO Instructors:

We have 7 Master SEO Instructors standing by to take your call at anytime 
between 9AM and 1PM Eastern on Friday August 29th.

Beth Browning - Pennsylvania (267) 907-5303
Beth Kahlich -Dallas, Texas (214) 550-4310
Greg Mate - Montreal, Quebec (514) 426-4000
Nancy Wigal - Washington DC (202) 725-1422
Steve Scott - Tampa, Florida (877) 736-7361
Mitch Albert - Los Angeles, Calif. (562) 596-7557
Miho Karlic - Central Europe +385 20 312400
or maybe European gmail users would like to contact Miho Karlic by Hangout on Google/+MihoAKarlic or else Skype on "adria-evolution".

Obviously, you are free to contact any of the above team to have your SEO question answered, but please be aware that if the line happens to be busy, to please leave your name and phone number so that Instructor will be able to return your call once their line becomes free.

Friday's free call-in event will begin at 9AM EST and will 
conclude at 1PM EST on August 29th.

All consultations will be limited to approximately 15 minutes (but it's amazing how much you can cover in only that time.)

But best of all, it's totally free!

So get thinking about your toughest SEO question and plan to call in tomorrow (Friday Aug. 29th between 1-3PM Eastern.)

As always, I wish you the best of success!

Highest regards,
John Alexander
Founder and Director of Training

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FREE #SEO answers and advice until 1pm.  Call me now at 877-736-7361 x704. No sales pitch, just good old fashioned help!

FREE SEO HELP...  I'll be answering your SEO questions by phone this Friday the 29th from 9am - 1pm Eastern. Each caller gets 15 minutes of time if they dial 877-736-7361 x704.  So, what's your SEO question?

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"It's over Jonny"... Looks like Google has turned off Authorship.  Uy Vey!

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What I think makes this even more interesting is that Google is about as close to being Cyberdyne Systems (the corporation that created Skynet in the Terminator series) as we have today.  Maybe Larry and Sergey are actually from the future?  Hmmmm... ;-)

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A quick intro video I threw together to introduce myself as one of the Search Engine Academy trainers across the globe.
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