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Steve Sasman

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Oh cool.... G+ is still here??
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And growing every day..... 
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Steve Sasman

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Check out this great podcast from Taylor White 

He gets the inside scoop from 30 VR insiders (including me). 

I've been listening to Taylor for a while and his podcast is super for anyone in the travel, vacation, or international real estate industries. 
Join Taylor White and 30 vacation rental insiders as they reveal the most exciting areas of their businesses and you will be shocked at their answers.
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Steve Sasman

Auto Insurance Q&A  - 
Why is it so hard to find commercial insurance for Livery when using Uber?  All the UberBlack drivers have commercial so someone offers it but you would think more places would offer it?  I'm not a driver now but looking into it...   Anyone have any leads?   What about commercial insurance for renting your car out to others??   Thanks!
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Insurance regulations regarding ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are still evolving. As most drivers for these services still only use their personal insurance policies, they'll soon find out that they'll need a commercial policy as more states like California add rigorous requirements to ensure that consumers are protected. I would contact the company that you're considering driving for and see who they recommend for your insurance coverage. Once industry regulations get finalized, I anticipate more carriers will offer commercial coverage options to drivers.
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Steve Sasman

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I'm just a tad excited to be one of 12 great speakers at the Vacation Rental World Summit coming up next month. 

If you own or manage Vacation Rentals, this free event will be the can't miss event of the year. Catch it all from the comfort of your home! 

Register at the link below to secure your spot! 
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I'm listening to your advice right now.  Very well done and thanks for advice!!
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Steve Sasman

HOA Questions & Help  - 
Is my Biz Page in a Google "Penalty Box" or what?  

I can't even invite 21 people who are in MY OWN community to an HOA. It's been like this for months...and this is the first time in a few weeks I've even tried. So this is way more than a 24 hour ban or limit. 

A little background:  Several months ago a was adding my 50 allotted people to my circles for a few weeks and got up to about 700 people then G+ started only allowing me to add maybe 5 people a day to my biz page.  I have never done anything that would be spam, never even messaged these people in anyway.   

I tried waiting it out but that isn't working. Any ideas on what I can do to get out of jail?  
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+Ronnie Bincer no, I'm not sure, but some of them probably don't have the Page in their circles.  Good point on inviting to the audience...I will have to look into that. I didn't know there was a difference in inviting to join or watch.  I thought I would invite people in the industry, then they would decide to either join or watch and the first 9 to join would get in...but guess it doesn't work that way.  Thanks for the help!
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Steve Sasman

HOA Questions & Help  - 
When I try to invite people through my event, I invite Public no problem, but it won't even let me add MY OWN community of a whopping 15 people?  It says I'm not allowed to invite that many? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help! 
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I'll check later, but I think you are adding communities, but that's not possible unless it's only the community you are inviting. 
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Steve Sasman

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How To Rent Your Car For Fun & Profit...
If you are like most vacation rental owners, you have at least one other large asset right under your nose you could be renting out…and you probably don't even realize it! What exactly am I talking about? Renting out your CAR! is basically AirBnB for cars.
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Very interesting!
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Steve Sasman

General Discussion  - 

A site where new users could "play" and have to pass a Test that makes sure their sound, video cam, and internet speed are up to par to pull off a successful Hangout. If a particular item isn't working, it would give suggestions on how to fix.  

Here is the problem when working with people new to hangouts:

1) They are afraid of the tech & don't know what to many are even afraid to try it. 
2) When they agree to a hangout, LOTS of time is wasted for Hosts getting the tech stuff working or having to cancel because their microphone didn't work, their internet was too slow, the plug in didn't work, etc. 

Having  a Hangout Test Site would enable new users to get comfortable without wasting time for hosts, and ensuring that scheduled Hangouts can start on time, without issues. Having a smooth user experience will  greatly help adoption of HOAs. 

At least 50% of my HOA's with new users are either wasting 30 minutes to work out the details, or have to be cancelled altogether for various tech reasons. 

+Billy Wilson or +Ronnie Bincer Has Google given any indication of something like this in the future???

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+Steve Sasman I've made a video for hangouts guests to watch before we meet which seems to be helpful to many... search for "How to be a great hangout or hangouts on air guest" and you should be able to find it. Maybe that can help.
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Steve Sasman

Marketing Your Vacation Rental  - 
It's Here... the Vacation Rental World Summit

Starting Friday June 13th, this Free 3-day online event is perfect for any owner or manager looking to learn about the latest strategies from 12 experts around the globe...including +Antonio Bortolotti the host, +Heather Bayer +alan egan +Tyann Marcink   and many more including yours truly. Excited to be part of it!  Register for free below...

#vrworldsummit   #vacationrentals #vacationrentalmarketing
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Steve Sasman

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Let's play "Name That Animal"  

Who knows what this is.. Probably easy if you live in AZ. 
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I Saw one such monster regularly on my trips to Ghana, in Africa and it used to do...push ups! Very funny!
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Steve Sasman

SEO Questions  - 
Anyone have a best practice for Vacation Rental homes?  Technically, they are not allowed on the map (even though some are) since they are a "residence" and not a regularly staffed office...even though it's a legit business. 

Many VR owners don't want their exact address on the map anyway, but would love a hover pin above the city/area so they have a fair chance at the same traffic as those with actual offices.  Would you recommend using the "service area" designation and choosing a radius or some other technique? 

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+Steve Sasman, I read somewhere (I'm sure it was +Mike Blumenthal's blog) that in some instances, it may be difficult to get Google to remove your address from the listing (something to do with how you manage the listing in Places/G+). The short story being, Google Map Maker is where you need to go to make Google know to hide the address in the maps listing. Unfortunately, vacation home rental agencies are notoriously difficult to work with when they don't have a model that can be used to receive customers (like an office). I highly suggest reading through Mike's blog as it may help answer your particular question. 
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Steve Sasman

HOA Questions & Help  - 
Hi HOA peeps!  I'm wondering if anyone has an easy way to add an "intro" bumper to a completed HOA?  I want to add a professionally branded show bumper as these mini HOA's will be used in my guest's marketing. Any ideas?  I could use Screenflow and re-record the whole thing & add the bumper but that seems like overkill. 
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Ken H
Yeah my hangouts are 30 to 45 min. More than I want to download and reupload 
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