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Steve Sakamoto

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Dammit. I wasted so much time on Sunday ironing shirts unnecessarily. Thanks, Obama God. 
The world will end on Wednesday. That's tomorrow. With fire. By God. You've been warned.
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Lol. Not again. Thanks for sharing. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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Well, I had a couple of requests to post updates for the home-made samurai armour, so here's one. It is, admittedly, not the most exciting shot ever, but there it is. I wanted to test out different lacing patterns, to see which one the boys wanted on their set. Turns out the X's are the way to go.

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That's perfect!
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Steve Sakamoto

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I promised the boys that I would make them samurai armour for Halloween this year.

What. The. Heck. Was. I. Thinking. 
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Great idea +Douglas Cole - thanks!
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Steve Sakamoto

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Well hello again, Ottawa. We must stop meeting this way.

This time, I'm in town for a proper visit - an hour and a half before boarding. What should I see first - the magazine store, the men's room, or the water fountain?
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Steve Sakamoto

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Well hey there, Ottawa. Good to see you. Lots going on here...
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Oh hope for me .....I'm not canadian.
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Steve Sakamoto

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Heads up, Vancouver peeps.
New Westminster police say high-risk violent offender Kayla Bourque has been released into the community. 
New Westminster police issued a statement today saying they were working to “ensure the safety of the community” after the release of Kayla Bourque, who will be residing in the area.
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Steve Sakamoto

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What do you think of my swanky new wallet?

My roughly 1-year old wallet spontaneously erupted into its component pieces last night, so I channeled my inner craftsman to develop this waterproof, lightweight, minimalist beauty.

Note: I will trade this masterpiece for a traditional, clunky old wallet, if you must have this one for yourself.
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It would pair well with the exclusive drunk tank personal possession bag. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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Check it out guys - we're doing our part at getting IT recognized as being a revenue driver instead of a cost center. Seems to me that it's high time IT was pulled out of the basement and into the boardroom.
Information Technology isn't (or doesn't have to be) a cost center any more. Check out our article in +Business in Vancouver on recognizing and leveraging the role IT can play in decision-making, and ultimately, driving revenue!
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Thanks +Chris Karpenchuk! It seems surprising that this message even needs to be'd think it would be a matter of course by now.
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Steve Sakamoto

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Lunchtime! What's in the menu? A Lilliputian cup of KD and a side of bitter disappointment.

(I didn't notice the 'snack' designation in the store.)
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Hearing the phrase Kraft Dinner in the States is one of the quickest ways to realize that you are in the presence of a Canadian. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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Bonjour, Montreal!
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Go Habs Go!
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Steve Sakamoto

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This was the best damned coconut pineapple Hefeweizen I've ever had.

Admittedly, it's the only coconut pineapple Hefeweizen I've ever had, but it was pretty good nevertheless. 
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Tree Brewing makes one that is also really good, minus the coconut. I wasn't expecting to like that one either. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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Just got a surprise visit from a team I've been working with over the past few months (vendors), and they dropped in to check out our new office...with about 50 pounds of Belgian waffles. 

I guarantee my teeth are going to have fallen out by the time I'm wrapping up here today. 
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