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Whoa! Awesome.
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Steve Sakamoto

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Well, that was fun. See you guys. 
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Sorry we couldn't hurl together +Shar Banning. :(

Roll out the welcome wagon +Tim Hunt...I'm comin' home!
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Steve Sakamoto

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Pretty incredible police sting that went wrong so well.
A 30-year VPD officer went undercover on the Downtown Eastside as a wheelchair dependent person in a bid to find people victimizing the vulnerable.
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I loved the one where the guy leans over to his fanny pack and zips it up lol
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Steve Sakamoto

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Quick question for the crowd - what's the best swag you've been able to find at conferences or events? 

I want to find something for people like US - not mugs, pens, stress ball globes, or 128MB USB sticks. I don't want to hand out (or receive) something that's going to end up in the bin in less than a minute. I want something that screams "I'm an IT nerd professional!"

I keep thinking of things I would like, but I don't see my company signing off on branded lightsabers, tardises, or lego sets. I think we may want to appeal to a wider audience... :)

So - have you walked out of a tradeshow with good swag lately?
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+Mike Rigsby Too bad it's still a girlie bag. :) Just kidding, they seem to have reasonably high quality stuff, and I don't mean to imply anything sexist - I have enjoyed working with many badass IT women over the years. My wife got one of their camera bags, but it's got the biggest solid piece of velcro I've seen on a bag, and when taking photos, you usually don't want such a high-decibel ripping sound as it makes.

I use a messenger bag for my lunch and such, a Subaru World Rally Team one imported from England. I like it but for the heavier laptop and cables, I like the shape of the backpack better.
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Steve Sakamoto

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Oh man, this little guy is adorable.
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Lisa S.
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Steve Sakamoto

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That's not a volcano, that's a mountain on fire on Vancouver island via Imgur
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Oh they are fires. They do look like a volcanic eruption. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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Well, seems I may as well spread the word about the Powell Street Festival!

If you're in town, the festival is pretty awesome - lots of great food, art and performances. It's smack in the DTES, in Oppenheimer park, and runs both Saturday and Sunday.

Come check it out, #Vancouver !
If you plan to go to the Vancouver Powell Street Festival this weekend, be sure to check out the film Nikkei Stories of Powell Street, featuring none other than +Steve Sakamoto as one of the narrators. :)
The 39th Annual Powell Street Festival will take place Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2nd, 2015 in Oppenheimer Park (400 block of Powell Street) and other venues in Vancouver, BC! We also welcome you to explore this website for more information on the 2015 festival and to join our ...
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You forgot to mention the film that you're in. :) 
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Steve Sakamoto

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Not a bad overview of the city where we live. Pretty snazzy, eh?
We live in a pretty great place. :) +Steve Sakamoto 
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Coquitlam is great. Probably at least half of these shots are from walking distance of where I live. (Blue Mountain, Como Lake, and Mundy Parks.) I haven't had a chance to check out the popup beach yet though. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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It's been about fifteen years since I've had to cut the grass (possibly the biggest advantage of living in a townhouse), but I actually enjoyed mowing my folks' lawn today.

Weird, the things that trigger nostalgia...
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You're not supposed to feed them! Now you'll never get rid of them. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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So one of the new Star Wars movies is being filmed right by my office. Yesterday there were a couple of Stormtroopers walking around the set, and today one of the guys I work with came in and said that "the robot...not R2-D2...the golden man-robot" was hanging out having a smoke.

The golden man-robot. The Golden Man-Robot. Seriously. Come on, dude. 
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+Steve Sakamoto Well to be fair, not all of us like or even care about Star Wars. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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I'm flying to Toronto tomorrow to pay my respects. And to visit my family, but mostly for #DeadRaccoonTO
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Great to see people can take the time to get involved.  It makes a better world.
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Steve Sakamoto

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A team of us at work have been asked to complete Meyers Briggs personality assessments, and it confirmed that I bounce back and forth between #INFP  (most of the time) and   #INFJ  (some of the time).

Out of curiosity, I did a search here to see who's posting about these two personality types, and I was surprised to see so many people that I connect with here that are one or the other - and actively posting about it. No wonder I prefer G+ to that other site. 

If you're looking for a free version, this one is pretty good!
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No worries, +Steve Sakamoto. I don't really believe in astrology, but I do see myself in the typical "Libra" profiles I've read.  LOL
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