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Steve Sakamoto

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Spring! And beer! And not going to work! Life is good, my friends. 
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Steve Sakamoto

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Oh, I'm totally the rebel fleet. 

As you can see, my young apprentice, your Claritin, Benylin, Aerius and Otrivin have failed. Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!

via +andrea sakamoto 
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totally legit!
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Steve Sakamoto

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We needed to scrounge up some twigs to grill up tonight's dinner, so we hit our favourite haunt for a quick hike. What a fantastic day for a walk in the woods! :)
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Hey thanks +Kyle Kitch!
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Steve Sakamoto

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Beautiful and brilliantly done. The medium and subject speak volumes.
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The flip side to that is that they can't preserve it if they do want to clean up.
It's difficult to see this as vandalism, whether you appreciate graffiti or not (as opposed to tagging).
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Steve Sakamoto

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Awesome. I rocked longjohns on the bike this morning and it changed everything! It's pretty chilly out at 6:30, but with the underoos, I was impervious... invincible, even. 

Those things aren't much of a fashion statement, though.
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+Steve Sakamoto that's because you did not slap an S on that outfit. It makes hella difference when you do that, much like how flaming decals make you go faster.
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What the heck, man?

My eight-year old has informed me that orcas are dolphins. I just can't trust anything in this topsy-turbo world of ours.
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So anyway, subject of rape aside, how 'bout that, eh? Orcas (rapey or otherwise) are types of dolphins. Not whales! Dolphins!

Ah, forget it.
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Steve Sakamoto

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Very interesting! National Green Parties (read: political party, not 4:20) have come together for a global event based on a common set of values and objectives. The greens are the only party that is collaborating across national borders to work on a common set of challenges, and under a single political charter. They are working together to drive awareness, gain momentum (and raise money) on a global scale.

I'm paraphrasing from You can chime in with questions to, or feedback for, the four host nations (Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada) there. 

I realize that international collaboration is nothing new, but I am very excited to see borders disappearing as political bodies start working together and putting the common good of all life ahead of individual interests. I think that green has acquired a stigma from all the green hype and 'greenwashing', but this initiative alone is miles ahead of the thinking of other political parties. It's very cool to see, and I hope that this sort of thinking becomes the norm, not the exception, within my lifetime.
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I may have gotten a bit misty just now watching Ryan Smyth's final game in the NHL. I may have only married into the Oiler's fanbase, but I have always loved that guy. He always came out to play, and never left anything in the tank. There are very few players that play with even half as much heart as Smyth. That guy was always giving it all, even when he was playing single-handedly in some of the more one-sided games. The Oilers are losing a huge asset with indescribable value. 

Geez. Even the #Canucks  (trainers, too!) came out to show their respects and wish him well, after a thorough trouncing. Just shows you how impactful he was, and how well-respected he was. 

It's not the same, but as a #Leafs  fan, this feels familiar. When Mats Sundin hung up the skates, they lost the heart and soul of the team. While they may have had good players since he retired, I don't really think that the team has had a heart player like him. While I still rock the blue-and-white religiously, I can honestly say that I haven't cared nearly as much about the Leafs since Sundin retired. I think that he and Smyth are in a very small collection of players that can truly inspire the way that they have.   

Good luck, #CaptainCanada  and thank you for giving your all for so many years.

#oilers   #ninetyfour   #RyanSmyth
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Awesome! I was with you with the tears leaking! And Smitty he did not take off his jersey till 1:36 am! All heart and it bleeds blue and orange!
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Steve Sakamoto

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So, I've just had one of the last vestiges of innocence shattered in learning about a Craigslist scam wherein people sell Nexus 5 phones, then report them stolen, and the phones are subsequently 'blacklisted' - effectively bricked in North America.

I noticed a scam warning suggesting that even those with receipts are at risk. 

Is there any way to safeguard against this? I'd like to buy a phone - ideally for less than full retail - but don't want to get caught in a scam. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated! 
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Ya gonna ring bell's balls. :3
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Steve Sakamoto

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Hey +OtterBox - I've just wrapped my phone in your Armor Series case, and there's a 1.75mm gap between the front and the back. Is that normal, or did I do something wrong? 
PS - this thing is burly. 
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Cool - thanks for the response. Is that gap there to act as a 'crumple zone'?
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Communications, marketing, business development.
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My thoughts on G+:
The conversations I've had here have opened my eyes and my mind to news, concepts and theories, and I'm richer for it. I try to contribute when I can, but am clearly getting more out of this than I'm able to give back. I do what I can, however.
You may also run into me in the IT Professionals community or in the LitterFreeSummer Community.

About me:
I am a Canadian child of the 80's. I'm a Vancouver resident now, but I've lived in 5 provinces, and grew up in the suburbs of Toronto. I'm an avid downhill/freeride mountain biker, a technology nut and gaming geek, a socialist-to-liberal-minded bleeding heart. I'm an unapologetic idealist, treehugger enviro-weenie atheist. I'm a husband, a dad, and the BFF to the world's most awesome dog.  If you're in to the whole Myers Briggs thing, I'm INFJ.

My schtick:
I try to be as friendly as possible, although that friendliness may depend on the amount of coffee I've had if you're catching me in the morning. 

My future-friend engagement guarantee:
If you engage with me, I will reply. Similarly, if you add me without reaching out, I probably won't add you back. But please say hello - meeting new people is awesome.

Where to stick me:
If you're thinking of adding me to a circle, I'd suggest: 
  • Hiking/biking/the great outdoors
  • Information Technology/gadgets/gaming
  • Employment/job hunting tips/career guide
  • Sustainability/enviro-greeniness
  • Human rights/humanity/I'm a human
  • Vancouver/BC/Canada
  • Tattoos and the relevant subcultures
  • Art, music & photography (appreciation)
  • Debate club, but only, and ALWAYS respectful. I have no time for trolls.
  • Atheism, rationalism, humanism
  • Business/business communications
  • Social Media
I'm not a puritan, and I actually enjoy the odd NSFW distraction. I appreciate well-placed salty language, and do not clutch my pearls at the sight of nudity. I can handle a heated debate, and I appreciate contrasting opinions, and am a strong proponent of free speech, 


I have no time for disrespectful or rude people. If you get heated, I get it - but if you can't avoid mud-slinging or name-calling, I'm out. I'm here to share interests and conversation - the second it devolves into personal attacks is the second I pull the chute.

And that's it - pretty easy, right? Right. Looking forward to talking with you!
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