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I put little stock in the ideals of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. I love goals, and set and achieve them all the time. But Specific:, perhaps, but not so specific that it doesn’t leave room for flexibility. Measurable: perhaps again, but too much emphasis on the metrics dilutes the actual goals. Achievable: no thanks; I like my goals to be not quite attainable so that I need stretch (think Wright Brothers, Edison, et al). 
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No you dont know me! Have to say, very nice looking man! 
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Are you a top gun in software development using web-based technologies for enterprise quality applications? Are you a PHP/Javascript/HTML5/SQL guru?
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There was a time I had forgotten who I am. But now I am reawakened.

No longer must I fall into the trap of attempting to be who you would have me be. I know who I am. I am God’s child. I am God’s extension. I am God’s creation. I am wholly connected to God. I am of God. I am God.

Your every judgment of my lovelessness is incorrect. Your every choice to not trust me is based only on your fear....
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Choosing to follow the higher path requires much commitment and fortitude. It’s not easy to go against the tide, to choose to remain vigilant and aware of the importance of each and every choice we make. The path of least resistance is to follow. Bosses, government, laws, societal whims....
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The whole idea is flawed, the idea that a complex undertaking in a single domain can be cooperatively built well by a team is simply a bad one. Why? Because complex undertakings require a high level of talent, knowledge, and finesse, not a high degree of cooperation. It simply does not work well, regardless of the lovely (or not so lovely) buzzword...
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Unfortunately, “Big Data” is too often used as a cool new buzzword with little real understanding of what it is (and isn’t) and its value. 

Big Data is, quite simply, a volume of data too large for traditional database systems. Usually it’s from a variety of sources, in a variety of formats. Usually it’s added to frequently, often in real time, or nearly so. 

It started mostly with Google...
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Am I overly obsessed with the ideal of becoming the ideal me?

Who is he, really?

He’s me, set free. He’s me, yesterday, today, and tomorrow...
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“Are you saying that Newton was wrong? And Galileo? And Einstein?”

“That’s not precisely what I’m saying, no. What I’m saying is that they were right, and you are right in your agreement with them. And that is perfectly okay for all of you. But I’m also saying that their correct view and perception of the universe is not the only correct view and perception. And I’m saying I don’t subscribe to theirs, or to yours.”
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Drop the worries. It’s not God’s will that we should worry. Worry is one of the many faces of fear. And perfect faith has no fear. Are you worried you are not enough? You are. God made you as he intended...
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Amen my Steve! 
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If cognition is an ability to forecast and to react, the algorithm of thought can be represented as a function of observation, recall, pattern matching, selection, and finally, decision. Sentience is simply an awareness of the process (or algorithm) of cognition. Creatures of increasingly higher thought have increasingly higher awareness of the facets...
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A real agent of change needn’t have precise goals as not only do we embrace the practice of constantly changing and improving ourselves, we understand and honor the truth that as we change, so too does our horizon change. There is no end game. There is no finish line... 
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I’m your bedtime story with morning coffee;
a sweet song flowing with flames of thrusting,
infernal, forbidden...
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Have him in circles
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Website Development, Design, and Marketing; Poet, Writer, Author; Photography; Renaissance Man :)
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Steve Robison, an active member in the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild, exercises both the left and right sides of his brain, melding creativity in his writing, photography, and design with technical skill in computers, computer programming, and website development and management. His passion is in utilizing technology in the sharing of art and writing through the use of modern publishing techniques, creative uses of website technologies, and social networking. Steve has over twenty-five years of experience in technology fields.

Steve has written over 2,000 poems, has shot more than 10,000 photos. He loves the variety of life, the changing, the ebbing, the flowing. He has published four books and is busily working on three others. He resides in Georgetown, Delaware and spends most days at his office in Lewes as founder and owner of Red Sky Websites, a website development and marketing firm.

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