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w00t! Google built a pumpkin doodle on one of the lawns... Here is an awesome time-lapse video of the work everyone did.

This doodle is cool!
Oops, it looks like I posted this before someone was ready, and the video has since been removed or had the permissions changed. I will keep searching, but for now, the link is broken. Question is, should I remove the original link?
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Hahaha... Love it.. Alce Sam, Cherokee, Santa, Rock Star, Lego, Those guys acre crazy... and the doodle, awasome!
Dian Ob
cant see it anymore :(
Arrrggghhh! They renamed the video after it was uploaded and it looks like the link changed. Searching...
I cannot find it. Looks like it got deleted or marked private for now.
'S'OK Pirkster your mojo remains intact.
Thanks +John Baker. I still can't find it. I bet they will wait until the 31st to release it. 
And of course, I will be napping and miss it.
Yep, napping. The video is today's doodle. Shiny!
Dian Ob
thanks! yeah really nice :)
Like everything else I s'pose Steve! ;-)
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