Maxine Waters gets totally #p0wned by a couple of Russian pranksters...
While being quite “surprised” to receive a call from 'Groysman,' the alleged Congresswoman seemingly did not suspect a foul play and promised “to do the right things” for Ukraine, which naturally involved imposing new sanctions against Russia.

“I heard that Senator Lindsey and Senator McCain are going to try to make even more sanctions, tougher sanctions,” the supposed Waters told the pranksters. The new US President wanted to lift or at least “review sanctions” against Russia, but met with strong opposition in the Senate and “probably he’s backing up some,” she told the duo.

The pranksters then proceeded to exploit the seriously lacking geography knowledge of Congresswoman Waters, who had recently claimed that Russia was “advancing in Korea.”

Speaking about the most recent “development” in Ukraine, the duo claimed that “Putin’s regular army” had “simultaneously occupied” both Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine and Lvov, which is in the West. In addition, the pranksters said that Russia had “invaded Gabon” to support President Ondimba.

As a final blow, the pranksters claimed that Moscow had “hacked the election system” in a fictitious country of Limpopo, completely reversing the outcome and installing their puppet Ai Bolit as a president. Since the situation there has become even “worse than in the US,” the ousted president of Limpopo was considering fleeing to Ukraine, they said.
#MAGA #Putindidit
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