What Zongoloid Mongoloid said.
I've just realised why this platform is pretty nearly dead. There was something tugging at the back of my mind and now I know what it is. I've seen this before on at least two other shitty little sites. One in particular was the Much Music site back in the 90s. Everyone left because of two groups that showed up and started pushing political and religious agenda and not just pushing, but mud flinging. Bad news is, it wasn't mud. It was shit and those flinging it were ugly, screaming little monkeys of left and right wing. So there you have it. Seen this shit before and the same end result, so I have advice for the owners of this shitslide you call social media. You want to have a fun site with less drama and people leaving? Kill the politics and religion, turn all the pedo groups in to policing and may the force be with you. #GooglePlus #GoogleMinus
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