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No more fish bladders!
I'm not sure how I feel about this. 
Your guide to eating, drinking & carrying on.
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This is a special place for my wife and I as we announced our engagement here in 2001 when Chuck Kroger was the aid captain. Thanks, Roch for being up there and filling in some big shoes!

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Went on a nice rike with Deb and Melanie through Dublin, Hancock and Harrisville, NH.

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Today's Winter Chiller 3.3 mile road race, then an 18 miler to and From the Harrisville General Store.
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Dan S
Saugus actually has more snow than NH. I've run out of places to put it.

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We'll hook up eventually, Michelle. I only did 25 because we had to get home to the animals, we had a house sitter for Saturday only. If we were staying overnight Saturday, I would have done the 32.

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Today Deb and I had some fun at the annual DRB 50K. We only did 26 miles because Deb was getting concerned about the animals back home and we were running a bit behind schedule.
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Pat, our snow is gone, but we have tons of mud, too...right now I'm mostly road running anyway, so not a concern ;-)

Doug, great seeing you again! I used to live right across from the Fells in N Meffa and trained on the Skyline all the time back in the 80's. It's a bit too far for us to drive, especially now that we live in the Monadnock region where the trails are awesome!

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Just sent it to that address, thanks Michelle

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Does just reducing one’s intake of meat, dairy, and eggs significantly reduce mortality?

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Since many tumors take decades to grow it’s remarkable that cancer risk can so dramatically be reduced even late in life.

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Have him in circles
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